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Bookkeeper/Finance Manager

Kala Art Institute, a non-profit arts organization in Berkeley, CA is looking for a P/T Bookkeeper/Finance Manager, 1-2 days a week. The hourly rate is $30-$35 depending on experience.

Basic functions

Experience: The candidate must have four-years QuickBooks accounting experience and a degree in accounting or finance. Non-profit and accrual accounting experience are a plus. The applicant must have a thorough understanding of QuickBooks and be fluent in all aspects and functions of bookkeeping and internal controls.

Basic work: The primary skillset will include: entering and paying accounts payable, entering and deposit of cash receipts, and administering ongoing human resources functions. The successful candidate will be responsible for data entry, cost accounting, and benefits management associated with the organization’s staffing. The successful candidate will also have responsibility for balancing cash flows with fluctuating resources.

Cost Accounting: The bookkeeper must have well developed skills in cost accounting for payables. The successful candidate’s experience should include the ability to execute cost accounting for multiple types of non-profit activities, with special attention to those types of expenses that cross multiple lines of the organization’s work, including overhead, utilities, etc. The successful candidate will be required to present reports that provide cost breakouts for specific activities of the organization, where the overhead and labor accounts cross departments. Proper cost accounting will assist management, the board and others to determine which elements of the organization’s activities are the most cost efficient.

Budgets: The successful candidate will also be required to work with the Executive Director and Development Director to establish annual budgets for presentations to the Board of Directors, the organization’s outside accountant and others.

Reporting: The successful candidate should be proficient in financial reporting. The successful candidate will also be required to provide assistance to the Executive Director and Development Director in the development of projected budgets reports employing previous levels of expenditure, as modified by new levels of demand for the organization’s services.

Tax Forms and Audit Process: The successful candidate will be responsible for reviewing the completed IRS form 990 as well as state and local tax forms for accuracy and consistency with the books (forms created by others). In addition to handling government filings, the successful candidate will manage the organization’s annual audit process. Board and Staff depend on this position for accuracy, timely entries, and up-to-date reporting.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to with Bookkeeper/Finance Manager in the subject line by October 31, 2018.


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