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Well, Being Collaboration Event with the Ecology Center


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Well, Being Collaboration Event with the Ecology Center
July 13, Sunday, 3:30–4:15pm
Jered’s Pottery, 2720 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Join Swell and the Ecology Center for a visualization of a vibrant urban environment, followed by active meditation. Part flash-mob, part vigil, part Zen, Well, Being investigates the nature of reality without the usual pomp of ceremony. Well, Being poses silent walking/movement meditations as explorations of the following questions: “What do wellness and health look like communally? Can a route of well-being be traced geographically? What do outer manifestations of inner silence look like?”


Well, Being aims to facilitate communal silence for the discovery of all; and foster cross-pollination between religious groups, service organizations, spiritual practitioners, social justice workers, and ecology leaders through silent, aware being. Between June 2014–August 2015 as part of Kala’s PRINT PUBLIC art initiative, Swell will inhabit empty lots, underused portions of commercial businesses, and urban farms with our bodies and tributary flags, spreading beneficial energy out to the surrounding environs. We are open to all kinds of contemplative movement traditions and actively seek diversity of spirit, tradition, culture, history, and body.


PRINT PUBLIC is an innovative place-making project partnering UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, Department of City & Regional Planning, UC Transportation Center, Kala Art Institute, and local businesses to create art installations, pop-up projects, print kiosks, and innovative acts of culture to activate San Pablo Avenue in West Berkeley. Four artist-teams are developing distinct projects within the San Pablo Corridor, creating an arts-integrated approach to urban planning and community activation.