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If You Were Here Now – Online Classes


If You Were Here Now presents daily videos and workshops by artists navigating life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Born of these times of uncertainty and disconnection, we’re sharing short live and instructional art therapy videos and workshops of artists doing projects they find to be therapeutic, using simple tools they have around the house or in their studios.

Creating simple daily connections and sharing ideas is a concept we want to uphold and champion in times of both disruption and normalcy.


About the Instructor:

Artists are rarely considered “essential,” but during these times of extreme anxiety, we need them more than ever.

Support artists directly through If You Were Here Now. (We don’t take a cut.)

Right now, commissions are being canceled, schools shuttered, projects indefinitely postponed, and galleries closed, artists are vulnerable and losing $$$ they need to keep going.

Artists receive 100% of your donations to help subsidize their business costs, create more inspiring free content, donate to an organization of their choice, or buy food for their families (‘cuz we need to eat).