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The Studio as Ecosystem: Reworking Unfinished Pieces, “Misprints” and Unrealized Ideas

Everything in your life/practice has an effect on the work you create. The peripheral ideas that go unwatered, the shapes and colors you use over and over again in multiple pieces, the misprinted, unfinished works that lay in notebooks, folders or stacks in your studio. The notes you take, the screenshots on your phone- all are feeding the mystical creation being that is yourself. When we allow unfinished pieces, unrealized ideas to ferment over months and years, they become more mutable and flexible to possibility. The stack of unfinished works are lying in wait to be composted into new forms. This workshop asks you to bring those “misprints” and unused ideas that lie on the periphery of your practice so that we can weave them into new spaces and cultivate new art objects.

This is a paper based workshop – printmaking experience is preferred but not required. We will be working back into old pieces, collaging, relief printing, monotyping, painting and drawing. The work you bring can be in any form (paintings, drawings, prints, writing, doodles) as long as it’s on paper!

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  • Tuition: $225
  • Location: Heinz Printmaking Studio
  • Instructor: Nicole Dikon
  • 3 Classes
  • Tuesday, March 14, 2023 — March 28, 2023
  • 6:00PM — 9:00PM
  • $25 Materials Fee - Payable to the instructor on the first day


About the Instructor:

Nicole Dikon is an artist in residence here at Kala, visiting from Indianapolis. She is working on a new body of work which includes printed hanging scrolls and large format collage and printed books. She received her BFA in Painting at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and her MFA in Printmaking from Temple University in Philadelphia. Her work has been collected by institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, The Center for Rare Books at Temple University, & The Wagner Free Institute of Science. The key to her process lies in her attempt to mimic the cycles of a natural ecosystem. Everything in the studio has a value, from the scraped up ink, to the paper scraps, they all have a function that is considered and reused in the system several times before they are reused again in the waste pile for rebirth. In doing so each image, object and place that is created, serves as a portal to a relationship with the natural world, one where we acknowledge our connectedness not through an intelligent knowing, but a visceral and intuitive awareness.