Payment Options

General Enrollment
This is the basic class tuition which factors in supplies, paying teachers a competitive wage, and admin fees . This is a self funded program and participant fees allow us to continuously offer education in core classes and experiment with new classes and processes.

Sponsored Enrollment
If you are able, you can pay more than the original class tuition to sponsor someone on a reduced fee!

Scholarship I & II Enrollment
This reduced class tuition is reserved for those who would not otherwise be able to take this class because of funds. These tickets are limited, so please select General Enrollment if this does not apply to you.

Member Discount
Kala Members at the Artist/Student level and above save 10% on all classes. Become a member today!

Buy a gift certificate online for the Kala class of your choice – or for a dollar amount! Let your creative loved ones experience the excellent workshops taught by Kala’s community of professional artists.

We will send you a customized gift certificate that you can use to present as a gift. It will include the gift recipients name and any message that you submitted. The gift certificate will be e-mailed to you as a printable pdf unless you request a hardcopy.

Please note that the recipient (or if it’s a child, their guardian) will need to enter the coupon code on the gift certificate at checkout.

Thank you for choosing Kala Art Institute! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or (510) 841-7000 x 202