Teaching at Kala

If you are interested in teaching adult classes at Kala, please read the following guidelines and considerations. Please forward any additional questions to classes@kala.org.

The window to submit class proposals is currently OPEN for the FALL 2022 (September – December)!  The priority deadline for the FALL 2022 season is July 1, 2022.  After the priority deadline, class proposals will be considered on a rolling basis. 

Application Process

Instructors must submit the following forms for each class they propose:
Class Proposal Form
Materials List
– Studio Equipment Checklist
– 2-3 class sample images

A current CV must also be submitted, but only once if proposing multiple classes. All documents should be emailed to classes@kala.org with the subject line Class Proposal – Your Name.

Once all documents have been submitted, the Program Coordinator will review materials and contact instructors with any follow up questions, or if they decide to proceed with a proposed class(es) . If selected, you will work with the Program Coordinator to set preferred class dates, time and duration, as well as review and finalize the materials list.

Requirements & Expectations of Instructors

Once the class proposal is accepted, the instructor will be required to submit a detailed class outline or syllabus to help Kala staff promote the class and answer questions that may arise about the class. A contract, covid waiver/agreement, proof of vaccination, and a signed W9 form will be required two weeks prior to the start of the instructor’s first class.

Instructors will be required to watch a Disability Training video tutorial and complete an in-person orientation of facilities with the Program Coordinator (if applicable).

Instructors are expected to respond to correspondence from the Program Coordinator within 72 hours. Instructors will provide requested materials by stated deadlines, including lesson plans, materials lists, images, etc.

Kala expects instructors to embrace a collaborative work ethic with staff, studio assistants, students, and Kala community members and communicate any problems or challenges with the Education Program Coordinator in a timely manner.

Leading up to the class, marketing materials will be provided. Kala will promote classes on the website, social media, and newsletters. Instructors will also be expected to promote and share class details on their own social media, newsletters, and networks.

Instructors will receive student names and contact information before the start of their class. They will communicate with students leading up to the class in a timely manner and respond to student questions for the duration of the class.


Instructors at Kala are paid hourly. Pay ranges from $35-40 per hour, with all new instructors starting at $35/hr. Pay increases with continuous engagement with Kala (i.e. if you continue teaching classes at Kala over the years).

Instructors are paid 1 hour of prep/cleanup for the first class session, and 30 min of prep/clean up for every session thereafter. Instructors are encouraged to have students assist in the cleanup process.

Instructors will be invoiced on the last session of their class. Once confirmed with the instructor, checks will be processed and mailed out 1-2 weeks after.


Classes may be hosted in-person at the Kala Print Studio or Community Classroom (both are located in Berkeley, CA), online, or as a hybrid class.

Online classes will be hosted on Zoom, an online video conferencing service. Kala will provide a licensed account for instructors. Classes will not be recorded due to technical limitations. All online classes will be hosted on Pacific Standard time. Although Kala prioritizes Bay Area based artists, U.S. based artists are welcome to teach.

In-Person classes will be either in the Kala Print Studio or the San Pablo Community Classroom. The instructor will work with the Program Coordinator to determine the best location, but this will ultimately be dependent on availability of spaces. An orientation will be required 2-4 weeks prior to the start of the first class session.

Duration of Classes

Classes run during three main seasons: Spring (January – May), Summer (June-August), and Fall (September-December).

Class duration can vary depending on the class content. Classes can be proposed as one-day workshops (1-6hrs), weekend intensives (2-6hrs per day), or multi-week sessions (2-3hrs per session, for a maximum of 6 weeks). The Program Coordinator can assist in determining the best time frame.
Online classes can be scheduled as listed above, with the exception that all sessions should not exceed more than 2 hrs. If needed, the Instructor and Program Coordinator will work together to come up with a schedule that is engaging.

Generally, classes can be scheduled during weeknights, from 5-10pm and weekends from 10am-8pm.


Instructors will be required to provide a complete list of materials, including studio equipment, tools, and consumable materials. Instructors must submit the Materials & Studio Equipment checklist.

Instructors are responsible for filling out the Materials List, and procuring all consumable materials on that list ahead of the first day of class. They are also responsible for calculating the Materials Fee per participant (usually in the range of $10-40.) It is the instructor’s responsibility to collect the Materials Fee from each participant on the first day of class. Kala may be able to provide some tools, depending on availability.

For online classes, the instructor is asked to provide a comprehensive list for students to order supplies themselves.  Depending on the item, Kala may provide a separate kit of materials that can be borrowed by students (such as brayers, carving tools, etc.), to minimize cost on their end. We will make that list after reviewing the materials needed. Because students will be paying for these materials, we ask that you provide the most affordable option.

Kala may be able to provide assistance in procuring materials that are highly specialized.

Covid Safety Guidelines

Instructors will be required to present proof of vaccination to Kala to teach in-person classes. Participants will also be required to submit a health questionnaire during registration, and show proof of vaccination via email or in person on the first day of a class.

All participants, including instructors and students will be required to wear masks during class sessions. Exceptions will be made for students who have a medical waiver or disability.

Instructors and students will be required to sign a Covid Agreement in which they agree to follow all of Kala’s Safety Guidelines.

Kala has created a detailed list of safety guidelines for all Education Program, Adult Classes participants. You can read them on our Safety Guidelines page. Please forward any additional questions to classes@kala.org.