Safety Guidelines for Youth Programs

Kala  Safety  Guidelines & COVID-19 Protocols for In Person/On-Site Activities

Kala is constantly keeping up with the latest updates on COVID-19 safety guidelines and we will update according to the policies dictated by the Center for Disease Control  Prevention (CDC),  the State of California, and the County of Alameda guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Families can find helpful updates through the City of Berkeley’s COVID-19 VACCINATION INFO and Get Tested For Covid-19 webpages, as well as BUSD’s website.


Requirements for In-Person Youth Programs

Waivers/Agreements/Vaccination Card
• Media, liability and health waivers along with program participant agreements are required and must be signed and submitted by families before the start of the program.
Updated 1/16/22: All youth participants ages 5 and older will be required to be fully vaccinated and boosted (if eligible). Families are required to upload their child’s proof of vaccination before the start of the class or email

Daily health checklist
Before arriving at the program, participants and parents/families are required to go through the following health checklist:
•  Kala Youth Arts Participant  Health Screening (courtesy of BUSD)– Please review the form before your child attends the program.
Take temperature – If the temperature seems higher than what is normal for your child’s temperature range, please notify staff and refrain from attending the program.
Symptom check – If your child is experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (including fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, the new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea), please notify Kala staff immediately and refrain from attending the program.

Appropriate PPE – Please make sure your child has the proper mask(s) with them, as defined in the “PPE” section below.

Water and snacks – Participants will be asked to bring their water bottles and snacks. Please note: For the after school program, Kala offers a snack.

• Appropriate masks are required to be worn at all times by students and staff. Participants should use  N95/KN95 masks. Please review this recent helpful information shared by BUSD: CDPH Masking Tips for Children. Kala will have some kid’s surgical masks and KN95/ N95 masks available for youth if needed.
• No matter what kind of mask one wears, checking the fit by avoiding gaps above the nose or on the sides is very important and highly recommended.
• Masks must cover the nose and mouth at all times when worn.
• Any additional PPE, such as face shields, are welcome to be used but not required

If your child has symptoms of COVID-19
• If your child is experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as listed above, please notify Kala staff immediately via phone or e-mail, and refrain from entering Kala facilities.
• Participants and their families are encouraged to get tested as soon as possible if they suspect possible symptoms of COVID-19.
• If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please notify Kala staff immediately.
• If a participant is experiencing any symptoms, they will be unable to participate in person for the rest of the week/program. Families will receive a credit to be applied at another time for the classes missed or will be provided with at-home art activities if interested.

Personal Belongings
Except for water bottles, snacks, and other essentials such as phones and keys, students will be asked to bring as few personal belongings as possible. There will be designated areas/storage bins for each student to store their belongings during the program.


Participant Drop Off and Pick Up

Sign in sheet
• There will be a staggered arrival system for students and families to avoid crowding
• At the front entrance, there will be a sanitization station with a sign-in/sign-out sheet for students. Parents must sign the sheet at drop-off and at pick-up times. With signed permission (waiver found in registration) from a parent or guardian, older students/teens may sign themselves in and out. All pens will be sanitized by staff.
• For students taking BUSD transportation, Kala staff will pick sign students in after pickup at the arranged location/times, and sign students in.

Hand Sanitizer
Participants will be asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer will be available at the front sanitization station, as well as throughout the facilities.

Temperature Reader
While we ask that students and families take temperatures before arrival, staff may also use a temperature reader to take temperatures at the entrance.


General COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Our top priority is to ensure a safe, fun, educational, and memorable summer experience for all participants.

Max class size per camp 
Small group sizes of no more than 14-16  participants in a room, socially distanced, will allow for individualized/one-on-one guidance and support, as well as safety.

Social distancing 
• Participants are required to maintain social distance (3 feet or more) at all times during indoor and outdoor instruction. Teaching artists and assistants are responsible for enforcing social distance rules.
• There may be cases in which a staff member may approach participants for one-on-one assistance or guidance during class, though the social distance will be maintained as much as possible

Mask wearing
• Participants and Staff are required to wear appropriate masks as defined by the CDC (“Your Guide to Masks”). Please review the “PPE” section listed above.
• Masks must cover both nose and mouth at all times when worn.
• Masks may be taken off during designated fresh air/water breaks and snack/lunch breaks, but students will be encouraged to put their masks back on when not eating or drinking

Snack/water breaks for students
• Timed breaks for all students during indoor instruction and activities a the San Pablo lawn/dock area for a few minutes.  Students can drink from their water bottles during this time.
• If a student needs to drink water at any given time outside of designated breaks, they will be directed outside or accompanied outside by an assistant

Restroom breaks for students
• Restrooms can be accessed during designated breaks.
• If participants need to use the restroom at any given time, they should notify teaching artists or assistants on site.
• Masks must stay on at all times, including inside the restroom.
• Participants will be asked to wash their hands after restroom use.

Hygiene, Sanitization, Air Circulation
• Participants will be asked to sanitize or wash their hands throughout the day.
• Staff, Teaching Artists, and volunteers are required to wash their hands throughout the day.
• Kala will provide hand sanitizer for adults and children to use when they enter the building, and in the classrooms.
• The rooms, restrooms, and other high-touch spaces will be disinfected by staff each day.
• There will be open windows, fans, and air purifiers that aid in the ventilation of all classroom and program spaces.


Snack Break Protocol

Snacks will take place outside on the front lawn, the outdoor table area out back, or indoors if the weather is temperamental (6ft apart).

Participants are not allowed to share their water bottles, beverages, or snacks that they brought from home with other students.

Social distancing 
The social distancing of 6 feet or more will be maintained during lunch breaks. Teaching artists and assistants are responsible for enforcing social distance rules during breaks.

Masks may be taken off during breaks to eat and drink. Students are encouraged to put their masks back on whenever they are not eating or drinking.



Designated sets of supplies/ tools and storage
Participants will be provided with a bin with basic art supplies and tools to use during the program;  these are returned to Kala at the end of the program. Supplies and tools will be stored in designated areas for each student. Participants  will be asked to store their essential personal belongings in these designated spaces/bins during the day

Supplies from home
Participants will be provided with everything they need for the duration of the program. They should not bring any supplies, tools, or unnecessary personal items to camp.


If a student refuses to comply with safety protocols

Immediate dismissal and families notified
• If a participant refuses to comply with safety protocol, such as wearing or keeping on a mask properly and following instructions from the teaching artists, parents/families of the student will be notified by phone and asked to pick the student up for immediate early dismissal.
• Participants will be allowed to return to the program if they agree to follow protocol the next day.

Impact on refunds due to early dismissal
• If a participant repeatedly refuses to comply with safety protocol on multiple occasions/days, parents/families of the student will be notified by phone and asked to pick their child up for immediate early dismissal and to refrain from attending the rest of the camp week. In this situation, families will receive partial credit to be applied at another time for Kala classes. Please refer to the “After School Program  Kala Parent and Participant Agreement” in the online registration.