Teen Studio Program (6-12th)

Join Kala’s Teen Studio art program for skill-based art making and hands-on projects and activities during the academic school year. Whether students are learning a new art practice or developing their technical and conceptual skills, they explore a variety of visual art media, experiment with techniques and materials, and dive deep into the creative process. Instructors engage with students with heart and intention to create a space for creativity, inquiry, self-expression, reflection and collaboration. From drawing the figure, to painting the landscape, to printmaking and digital arts, students are introduced to diverse art making practices, ideas, and local and contemporary artists of various intersections of identities, experiences, and backgrounds. Our young artists have the freedom to explore a range of issues and themes relevant to their lives and their communities. Designed for young artists in Grades 6-12. Classes take place throughout the week, including Saturdays. Classes range between 2-6 sessions, and 1-3 hrs each session.

10% multi-session / sibling discount and tuition assistance available

Please note: New this year is a 5.25% processing fee per registration.

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