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Closing Reception and Artist Talk by Adam Allegro, Fanny Garcia, Gregory Rick and Ehren Tool

Please join us at 2PM on Saturday, December 15 for a closing reception and artist talk by Adam Allegro, Fanny Garcia, Gregory Rick and Ehren Tool to discuss their pieces and processes. Ehren Tool will be also giving away his cups on display.

Photography allows Adam Allegro to slow down and to explore his relationship to the world around him. “As a veteran trying to understand the world that surrounds me, I often feel isolated from others ‐ an outsider peering in. In an attempt to better understand, I look for a deeper meaning through the act of photography.” Allegro captures scenes where the overt is obscured and the sceneries become ambiguous. His photographs suggest that the world is not binary and there is a room for creative interpretations and dialogue.

Fanny Garcia’s work shows her unique observations and perspectives of military life not easily imaginable from the outside. In an ongoing series of screen prints, she depicts her experience of how military rations play a vital role while employed and shares her tension over allegiance to military service. “Military rations have evolved over time, from canned rations to packaged MRE bags. While consuming rations, camaraderie is built among soldiers. In my case, my ethical and moral beliefs towards animals influenced my path towards becoming a conscientious objector.”

Art making is an anchor in Gregory Rick’s life. Since receiving two books: one on art and the other on history from his farther who went to prison when Rick was seven, making art became his passion and outlet for overcoming hardships such as returning from Iraq and dealing with feelings of guilt. Rick creates works on paper, full of social commentary with repeated motifs and symbols. For Turning Tales, he presents drawings, paintings, prints and handmade books that he produces responding to his everyday surroundings.

Ehren Tool says “I just make cups.” As a ceramic artist and Senior Laboratory Mechanician at the Ceramic Department at University of California, Berkeley, and Marine Veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, Tool has made and given away over 15,000 cups since 2001. Each of his cups contains a story with images that are sometimes hard to look at. “I hope that some of the cups can be starting points for conversations about unspeakable things. I hope conversations flourish between veterans and the people who are close to them. I also hope that some honest conversation can happen about war and its causes.”

Event Details

Date: December 15, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm–4:30 pm

Kala Gallery
Kala Art Institute & Gallery:
2990 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702