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Fellowship Artist Talk

Zoom Artist on Saturday, September 12 at 2pm

Join us for the artist talk with with 2019-2020 Kala Fellowship artists Pável Acevedo, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pascaline Knight, Nkiruka Oparah, Sara Press, and Azin Seraj on Saturday, September 12 at 2pm (PST). The talk will be accessible via Zoom. Please RSVP on Eventbrite.

Pável Acevedo studied his printmaking techniques in Oaxaca, Mexico. In 2010 he moved to Riverside, California and started getting involved in printmaking projects with a social justice and educational awareness in communities of color throughout California. In 2015, he opened his printmaking studio by collaboration with “The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta” located provisionally in Riverside. At Kala, Pavel worked on his project about a hybrid language of an immigrant printmaker influenced by California; creating a dialogue between relief prints, lithography and a temporary mural installation.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is a visual and performance artist, drag queen – who goes by the Alias Faluda Islam – as well as curator of mixed Pakistani, Lebanese and Iranian descent. He is based in San Francisco, California where he received an MFA in Studio Art at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2016. In his current series, Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth, Zulfikar utilizes performance, video and textile collage to create an archive of a fictitious queer anti-imperialist uprising in the Muslim world.

Pascaline Knight is a trans-disciplinary artist from Montreal, Canada. She uses a confluence of disciplines such as printmaking, micro-publishing, writing, concrete poetry, drawing, stop-motion animation, and performance. For the exhibition Pascaline presents her process based installation Elle était une fois, Once upon her time, Yekibud, Yeki na bud… (in Farsi) it was, it was not… (in English) exploring her time and art-making in this pandemic age. Pascaline’s work questions language, its necessity and hindrances at the threshold where words limit souls, and conversely, open up minds to souls.

Nkiruka Oparah is a first generation Nigerian artist, curator, and writer living and working in Oakland, CA. Employing hand sewing, collage, experimental video, and assemblage, they are a founding member of 5/5 Collective. 5/5 is dedicated to exploring Black(ness) as an idea, consciousness, reference, and embodied experience through space, language, and visual culture.

Sara Press is a book artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under her imprint Deeply Game Publications, she has created and published fourteen small editions. She employs many media in her work including photography, painting, letterpress, and intaglio etching. At Kala Sara worked on her artist book Our Specters , a series of psychological portraits envisioned through the lens of early 20th century spirit photography, honoring some of the demons we face individually and collectively.

Through video and mixed-media installation, Azin Seraj grapples with the cultural and ideological contradictions inherent to the experience of a transnational artist. For the exhibition, Azin presents her new photography series Spring Memorabilia (2020). “The project originates from photographs I took during my visit to Iran for the Iranian new year (Nowruz), spring of 2011. I project these images on my body and other surfaces and then rephotograph them to create a connection between the past and the present. This process of recombination focuses on the elements/images of spring and also calls forth its rituals, cycles of renewal that connect past and present.”

Event Details

Date: September 12, 2020

Time: 2:00 pm–3:30 pm

On Zoom