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Mills Building Exhibition

The Mills Building is pleased to present a selection of artists that were affiliated with the Kala Art Institute’s Residency Program in 2018. For over four decades, the Kala Art Institute has fostered artistic innovation and excellence through artist-in-residence and fellowship programs that attract regional, national and international artists. The range of media supported by their facilities includes printmaking, photography, book arts, digital media and video. The artists featured in this exhibition are representative of Kala’s diverse artistic community and the important creative production made possible through their efforts. For more information please email Claire McPherson at claire@kala.org.

Artists included in the exhibition: Daniel Vallesteros, Stacey Beach, Stephanie Dennis, t.w. five, Veronica Graham, Karen Gallagher Iverson, MAry Marsh, Robert Minervini, Tressa Pack, Nora Pauwels, Carissa Potter, Nicolò Sertorio, Emanuela Sintamarian, and Beth Waldman

Event Details

Date: March 11, 2019

The Mills Building
220 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94104