Kala Art Institute, Residency Program
Kala Art Institute, Residency Program support Kala Art Institute, Residency Program
Kala Art Institute, Residency Program
Kala Art Institute, Residency Program Kala Art Institute, Residency Program


The Electronic Media Center (EMC) (450 sq. ft.) houses digital media-based equipment to facilitate digital photography, design, large format printing and digital video editing. New equipment in the EMC includes the Imacon Flextight 848 virtual drum scanner, perfect for scanning slides, negatives and transparencies; Final Cut Pro 7 software and Mini DV decks for video artists. The two Epson 9900 Archival Inkjet Printers (44" wide) provide stunning output for color/B&W images, and allow artists to produce transparencies for a variety of printmaking processes. In the EMC, artists are encouraged to push the world of new technology much further than they had ever imagined.


Thanks to generous financial support from the James Irvine Foundation, Kala Art Institute launched its Photo-shooting Studio as an extension of Electronic Media Center (EMC). This exciting new facility benefits both Kala's resident artists and its art collection/consignment program. For artists, the Photo-shooting Studio facilitates their need of an environment that enables both creative studio photography and precise photo-documentation. For an art collection, it is extremely important to visually catalog the artwork in order to build a database that is easy to use for both those who manage the database and those who use or review it.


EQUIPMENT LISTS (major items only)

Computers and peripheral hardware:
(8) Apple workstations with color-corrected monitors, Adobe Creative Suite 5 and Wacom tablets

-(2) Epson 9900 (44" wide, photo and matte black inks)
-Epson 4800 (17" wide, photo black ink)
-Epson Photo 900 (13" wide)

-Imacon Flextight 848 Virtual DrumScanner
(scan films up to 4"x5", reflective materials up to A4)
-Epson 10000 XL Photo Flatbed Scanner (12"x17")
-Epson 4490 Photo Flatbed Scanner (Letter size)

Computer software programs:
Adobe Creative Suite 5, Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut Pro 7, DVD Studio Pro, and more…

Digital Photography:
-Nikon D7000 16MP Digital SLR
-Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens
-Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 lens
-Imacon Flextight 848 Virtual Drum Scanner

-Nikon N80 35mm Camera
-Sinar "X" 4x5 camera
-Northlight Lighting System
-Cambo Studio Stand
-Bogen Tripod
-Acute 2400w strobe set with two heads
-Small copy stand that works for reproducing smaller prints and books
-Omega Color Enlarger
-Beseler BW Enlarger

-Panasonic HD Digital Camcorder
-Flip Camera
-Sony Mini-DV recorder/player
-JVL Mini-DV HD recorder/player
-VHS, S-VHS recorders/players
-DVD Players
-Epson & Canon Multimedia Projectors