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The Print Studio (8,000 sq. ft.) includes equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and new print processes including Intaglio, Monotype/Monoprint, Woodblock, Lithography, Screenprint, Letterpress, and Black and White Photography. The Print Studio is separated into the following areas: Workshop, Darkroom, Acid Room, Exposure Room, Lithography, Multi-use/Shared Presses, Editioning Room, Letterpress, Paper Preparation/Print Dryers, and Kitchen.

EQUIPMENT LISTS (major items only)

American French Tool Etching Presses (3)
(Printable Size: 44"x66", 36"x58", 36"x58")
Griffin Etching Presses (2)
(Printable Size: 19 "x32", 16"x20")
Takach Electric Lithography Press
(Printable Size: 28 "x46")
Vandercook Presses (2)
(Printable Size: 19 "x28", 28 "x32")

UV Exposure Units:
Viotron UV Vacuum Exposure Table (30"x40")
Anderson Vreeland Photo-Polymer Platemaker