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Natani Notah

Natani Notah is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. She is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation (Diné) on her father’s side and part Lakota and Cherokee on her mother’s. Inspired by acts of decolonization, environmental justice, Indigenous feminism, and futurism, her work dares to imagine a world where Native sensibilities are magnified. Her work in the exhibition The Emancipation of Mia is a digital reimagining of Mia the Indian Butter Maiden who was on the logo of Land O’Lakes butter for nearly 100 years. This project is a new series of intimate works on paper and sculptural assemblages that respond to the disappearance of Mia from consumer goods back in 2020. Natani is particularly interested in exploring Mia’s removal through the deconstruction and abstraction of promotional packaging and merchandise. With  this work Natani invests in imagining what Mia will do in her post-retirement. Her work provokes conversations about what it means to visualize and  resist colonization in the present-day United States of America.