Kala Art Institute provides space and equipment to artists working in and across the fields of printmaking, photography, performance, installation and media arts through our Artist-In-Residence (AIR) and Fellowship programs. Artists accepted into our residency programs receive access to Kala’s facilities, which include the Print Studio, an 8,000 square foot printmaking facility, and the Electronic Media Center, digital media lab. Through a wide array of equipment resources, communal space, a dynamic artist community, a 2,200 light-filled square foot gallery, print and media study center, and exhibition opportunities, Kala offers artists a unique and supportive environment to experiment and make new work.

Artist-in-Residence Program

View of Kala Studio

The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program provides accepted artists with 24-hour access to Kala’s Print Studio and Electronic Media Center. Established in 1974, Kala’s Artist-in-Residence program is geared towards providing short- and long-term communal studio space at low monthly rates to both emerging and established artists. The program has steadily grown to reach its current annual population of approximately seventy-five artists from the Bay Area and beyond.

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Fellowship Program

Appro-propagation, James Voller and Leah Rosenberg


For over 30 years, Kala Art Institute has annual awarded artists time, space, and financial support for their work through the Kala Fellowship award. The Kala Fellowship award is an international competition open to artists from the U.S. and around the world. Artists producing innovative work in all mediums including printmaking, digital media, installation art, social practice, photography, and book arts are encouraged to apply. Fellowship Awards are given based on conceptual creativity, originality, and artistic excellence as well as technical knowledge.

2019 Competition
The 2019 Fellowship competition will be juried by Kala’s Artistic Director and a panel that includes one Fellowship alumni artist and one invited arts professional. Deadline: May 24, 2019 

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Print Public Residency Program

Drew Cameron, Rags Make Paper

Kala is seeking Print Public proposals from Bay Area artists to create temporary place-based public art projects along San Pablo Avenue in Kala’s neighborhood. Kala is looking for projects that will tie in print and digital media in site specific and experimental ways and can be taken outside and off site. Artists are invited to submit a brief description of a proposed project and up to 10 images or video with corresponding descriptive information.

Print Public applications will reopen in 2020/2021 once funding is secured! Stay tuned! 

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Parent Artist Residency Program

Kala is pleased to offer residency opportunities and studio access to artists with children under 18 through our Parent Artist Residency Program. We recognize that each artist-family has its own set of challenges when seeking a residency program. Families with multiple children of varying ages have different requirements than families with older, more independent children. By offering a flexible residency experience in addition to our standard residency programs, we hope to create multiple entry points for artists to create artwork amidst the ever-evolving and diverse demands of family life. The Parent Artist Residency Program at Kala is generously supported by the Sustainable Arts Foundation.

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Custom Printing

Realize your project at Kala Art Institute

Kala Art Institute is a multidisciplinary printmaking studio located in West Berkeley, California since 1974. Besides working as an international and diverse workshop forum for artists, Kala also provides custom printing services. Over time, a number of artists have worked at Kala to create and publish prints, on a variety of materials.

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Veterans Residency Program

Gregory Rick

Kala’s Veteran Artist-in-Residence (AIR) and Exhibition program will provide four California artists with a six-month residency with 24/7 access to Kala’s state-of-the-art technical facilities, along with the opportunity to produce work in collaboration with Kala programs, including an exhibition in the Kala gallery. Veteran artists producing innovative work in all mediums including printmaking, digital media, installation art, social practice, photography, and book arts are encouraged to apply.

Deadline to Apply for 2019-2020 is November 15th, 2019.

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