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2019 October Artist-In-Residence Feature: Malaya Tuyay

This month we would like to highlight one of our amazing interns here at Kala! Malaya Tuyay has been a studio intern for over a year and is a wonderful addition to our Kala family of artists. Having graduated from CCA in 2017 with a BFA in printmaking, Malaya first became a part of the  Kala community as the CCA Hamaguchi Fellowship Artist in Residence! Malaya’s work navigates the complexities of female identity, grief and power, and the activation of stories of marginalized groups often not recognized in Western institutions. She is interested in the use of craft to further channel and reinforce the histories of ancestral storytelling while making space for individual voices. She makes printmaking and textile work to open up about her relationship with grief and to offer affirmation to others within the community who haven’t been given space to talk about the pain they hold. Malaya hopes to create work that remembers and celebrates people who have been lost in translation or forced to be forgotten; creating a tangible documentation of their existence and brilliance.

Malaya is currently working on an ongoing community outreach- based project in which she collects stories and memories from the Pilipinx community and creates individual works to acknowledge and appreciate these individual experiences, through the form of woodcuts, screenprints, and textile pieces. Malaya says, “This project is about healing and finding new ways to document our lived experiences, as well as expanding on the narrative of what the Pilipinx experience is. We are also sharing and honoring stories of our ancestors respectfully to keep their presence alive in the most genuine and honest way, without adding more exoticism to our roots. I want our stories documented in ways that are more truer to us.”

Recently Malaya showed this work as an installation in Apature 2018 at Arc Gallery, presented by Kearny Street Workshop, an SF-based Asian Pacific American organization that Malaya is extremely passionate about, as an longstanding hub of cultural exchange and empowerment. As a member of their Visual Arts Committee, Malaya urges community members to check out this year’s Apature 2019 Visual Arts Showcase “Boundless” on October 4th, which will mark the 20th anniversary of the Apature festival! Check out the event here.

Malaya is an amazing, vibrant and dynamic artist who we are so happy and grateful to have in our Kala community!  Check out her website to see more about her work and all her many ventures, including zines and jewelry!

IG: @mah.lie.yuh

Jewelry IG: @for.ina

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