For Print Public we wish to create a project that will involve the community participation and include the different mediums that Kala Institute offers. We will incorporate our medium of adhesive vinyl and explore the possibility to transform it into something new, using the facility to help us in our way. As a norm we usually spend some time in the selected area to gather inspiration by its surroundings and by the people who lives or spend time there. We often reference community and togetherness in our work. It’s always been our aim to make art that inspire and make sense to everyone. We love the element of surprise when people come across our work in a public space, and this is something we were thinking we could do for this project.

t.w.five is an international art duo formed by a Swedish and a Brazilian artist who lives and work in the Bay Area. We are known to make very colorful artwork that the viewers connect and interact with. We only use adhesive backed vinyl; all shapes are hand-cut into strips from large rolls of solid color vinyl and then applied to a surface of the work. We usually create on a massive scale and integrate gallery spaces with our art.