Thank you!

On behalf of Kala’s Board, staff, and artists, we thank our creative and dedicated community of supporters. Thanks for helping Kala thrive. This list represents individual and institutional giving from October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022, including annual fund, general operating, program support, membership, and event sponsorship. Thank you also to the generous artists, framers, media sponsors, restaurants, wineries, and other individuals and local businesses for providing in-kind donations for our auction and throughout the year. You all make Kala possible!

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

City of Berkeley
Sue Kubly (in memory of Hung Liu and Peter Selz)
Joseph and Vera Long Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Sharon Simpson / Simpson PSB Fund
Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation

Alameda County Arts Commission
Archer Patterson Family Foundation
Mary Austin and Brewster Kahle
Bayer Healthcare
Alice Beasley (in memory of Larry Chaset)
East Bay Fund for Artists
Bruce Helmberger & Barbara Kuecker (in memory of Larry Chaset)
Prudence and David Lake
Frank Lostaunau
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Richard K. Robbins
The Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation
Louise Rothman-Riemer and Davis Riemer (in memory of Larry Chaset)
The Sato Foundation
Mercy and Roger Smullen Fund
UC Berkeley Chancellors Community Partnership Fund
Wareham Development
Bernard E. and Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation
Zellerbach Family Foundation

California Arts Council
CEC Artslink
City of Emeryville
Heidi & Manny Lopez / Arizona Community Foundation
Nion McEvoy & Leslie Berriman
Mechanics Bank
Amrita Singhal & Michael Tubach

Larry Chaset & Gretchen Dumas
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Tom Foster
Ewa & Moshe Gavrielov
Maya Hara & Greg Kozumplik
Archana Horsting & Greg Harper
IFPDA Foundation
Elizabeth Lake & Daniel Francis
Richard Nagler & Sheila Sosnow
Oliver & Company, Inc.
Emily Payne
Steve Pickle & Sissel Waage
Sustainable Arts  Foundation
Sylvia Solochek Walters

Gale Antokal
Daniel Ballesteros
Buttrick Family
Brookes Byrd
Cynthia Chen
Penelope Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser
Bob Cote
Ruth Goldstone / Red Ooak Realty
The Green Cities Company
Susan and David Kabakoff
The Klion Springwater Coven Family Foundation, Inc.
Carol Ladewig and Abbot Bronstein
Jimin Lee
John Maynard and Martha Boersch
Stephanie McAllister and Roger Jungerman
Russ McClure / Premier Auto Body
Patrick and Madeline McMenamin (in memory of Julia Marshall)
Perrin Meyer
Meyer Sound
Rosa Park
Lucy Puls
Ravi Rora, MD (in honor of Anu Radha Arora)
Ama Torrance

Association of Print Scholars
Tom Bates and Loni Hancock
Susan Brand (In memory of Jen Cole)
The Cox Family
The Lisa Esherick Fund
David Harding
Charles and Sandra Hobson/Hobson Family Foundation
Sharon Jue (In memory of Jen Cole)
Mark Jungerman
Joanne Kamiya
Keene Builders
Jason Keyes / Keyes & Fox LLP (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Jody Knowlton
Cynthia Lake & Jason Goldstein
Ellen Lake and Chris Green (In memory of Larry Chaset and Jen Cole)
Nancy Leavans
LPC Real Estate Corp
Dennis Markham & Modesto Covarrubias
Eleanor Martineau
Kava Massih
Nancy Mintz
Moran Enginnering
Morse-Mattmann Charitable Fund
Janet Myers
Karen Nelsen (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Karen Olsen-Dunn (In memory of Jen Cole)
Ladene Otsuki
Byron and Elizabeth Ryono
David Snippen & Margaret Kirihara
Livia Stein (In memory of Jen Cole)
Janet Tam
Marcia Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tarnow
Stephen Thomas
Melinda Vahedi
Donna Westerman (In memory of Jen Cole)

Elizabeth Addison
Alternative Technologies
Barbara Anderson
Trudy Barnes (In memory of Jen Cole)
Chandra Cerrito
Kevin Chen
Jean Circiello
Laurence Elias and Martha Griswold
Beth Fein (In memory of Jen Cole)
Jim Fisher and Katharine Mieszkowski
Margaret Fisher and Robert Hughes
Lesley Gasparetti and Bill Ribar
Michael A. Haas
Jane Hambleton
Taraneh Hemami
Nancy Wilson Ives Foundation Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Dale Jantzen
Julia Kjelgaard and F. Stephen Dobson
Susan Lake and Warren Long
Victoria Leonard and Noah Kahn
Ruth Majdrakoff
Mona Jane Valentine Gatchalian Marcos
Robin McCloskey
Myriam and Richard Misrach
Margaret Norman
Robert Ortbal
Felisa Preskill & Zachary Scholz
Suzanne Schwartz and Tim Bernstein
Richard Siegesmund & Brigitta Hangartner
Joseph Slusky and Katie Hawkinson
Steven Soos
Maryly Snow (In memory of Jen Cole)
Rich Valentine
Leah Virsik
Andrea Voinot
Eric and Marni Welch

Friends of Kala/Other Supporters, up to $250
Denny Abrams
Leslye Adelman (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Wayne Alexander and Cheri Wilkinson (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Mari Andrews
Kathy Aoki
Mary Barak  (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Joan Baylie
Daniel Benjamin
Carol Benioff
William Bergstrom
Susan Belau (In memory of Jen Cole)
Lynn Beldner and Steve Briscoe
Cathy Bleier and Peter Meyer
Stephen and Janice Blumenkrantz
Priscilla Birge (In memory of Jen Cole)
Bernard Braakman
Kay Bradner (In memory of Jen Cole)
Hazel Bright
Mary Brock
Donna Brown (In memory of Jen Cole)
Janine Brown
Lisa Bullwinkle
Laura Cabral
Santaigo Casal
Howard Chang (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Ellen Sarkisian Chestnut
Evelyn Cole (In memory of Jen Cole)
Jeff Cole (In memory of Jen Cole)
Jaynie Crimmins (In memory of Jen Cole)
Jacqueline Danielson (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Catherine De Heer
Judith Diffenbaugh
Jonh DiFonzo and Ruth Eckland
Deborah Dobin (In memory of Jen Cole)
Holly Downing and Michael Zander
Marcia Dumas (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Leesa Evans  (In memory of Jen Cole)
Jackson Fahnestock
Era and Don Farnsworth
Bella Feldman
Linda Feldman (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Mary Fineman (In memory of Jen Cole)
Christine Finnan (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Patricia Fitzsimmons (In memory of Jen Cole)
Barbara Foster and Jack Stone
Jayne Foster (In memory of Jen Cole)
Kara Frame
Gael Fitzmaurice
Steven Friedland
Inez Fung
Ruth Gendler (In memory of Jen Cole)
Edward Grossman (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Diana Goldstein
Ellen Grabiner
Jane Gregorius
Sophie Hahn & Eric Bjerkholt
Mayumi Hamanaka
Paci Hammond & Larry Goldman
Corrine Hatt  (In memory of Jen Cole)
Lyn Hejinian
Edward Hirsch (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Thomas Holden (In memory of Jen Cole)
Graham and Amy Huey (In memory of Jen Cole)
Spergon Hunt
In Cahoots Residency (In memory of Jen Cole)
Richard Ivry
Benita Jain
Dennis Johnson and Joan Black
Debbie Jue (In memory of Jen Cole)
Jennifer Jue (In memory of Jen Cole)
Susie Jue (In memory of Jen Cole)
Amy Kaufman
June Katzschner
Audrey Kavka
Sandra Kelch
Katalin Keller
Claire Kessler-Bradner
Joan Kiang
Prudy Kohler
Majbritt Hilstrom Kreps
Gordon and Sally Lake
Graham Lake and Elizabeth Wilkins
Carrie Lederer and Steve Pon
Carol Lefkowitz
Laurel Leichter and Michael Wilson
James Leventhal
Ann Leyhe
Stephanie Lie
Philip and Sharon Linhares
Matt Linzer (In memory of Jen Cole Artist)
Paulette Long
Elizabeth Loughran
Julia Lucey-Davis
Shelley Lupu-Krehm (In Memory of Larry Chaset)
Catherine Lyons (In memory of Jen Cole)
Sue Mark
Mary V. Marsh (In memory of Jen Cole)
Rebeca Mendoza (In memory of Jen Cole)
Barbara Moffat
Elena Monte Collado (In memory of Jen Cole)
Apollonia Morrill
Liz and Cliff Moser
Fred and Louise Neal
Michelle Nye
Jeannie O’Connor & John King
Louise O’Connor
David Onek
Evie Overturf (In memory of Jen Cole)
Denise Owen
Kathryn Page (In memory of Jen Cole)
Marian Parmenter
Phyllis Pay (In memory of Jen Cole)
Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts
Lauren Poole (In memory of Jen Cole)
PrintFairUSA (OnPaper.Art)
Pat and Robert Raburn (In memory of Jen Cole)
Carol Ragle
Alice Ranahan
Brian Randall
Rona Renner (In memory of Jen Cole)
Janice Risard (In memory of Jen Cole)
Ellie Robertshaw (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Yvonne Rodesch (In memory of Jen Cole)
Peter Samis
Tom Scarpino
Liz Schiff (In memory of Jen Cole)
Melody Serra
Robert Shimshak
Heidi Shonkoff
Emily Siegesmund (in honor of Richard Siegesmund)
Susan Siegesmund (in honor of Richard Siegesmund)
Linda Simmel (In memory of Jen Cole)
Sarah Smelser
Robynn Smith
Beverly Solochek
Vickie Jo Sowell and Stephen Skaar
Herlinde Spahr
Julia May Starr
Diane Stockler
Shana Sturm & Ben Goldstone
Toru Sugita (In memory of Jen Cole)
Suzanne Van Houten (In memory of Jen Cole)
Caroline Venza (In memory of Larry Chaset)
Linda Vida
Beth Waldman
Peter Weber and Christie Beeman
Caroline Whistler
Fiona Wilson
Susan Wolf
Christine Wong Yap
John Wood
Charles Woodman
Alice Wu
Jo Zirker