Where Water Comes Together With Other Water, Residency Projects: New Work by 2012-2013 Kala Fellows

"Morris Backpack"


Stella Ebner, Chris Fraser, Koo Kyung Sook, Margaret Leininger, Colin James Lyons, 

Sanaz Mazinani, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, Clint Wilson, Noah Wilson 

Location: Kala Gallery

Exhibition Dates: July 25– Sept 25, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 25, 6-8pm

Gallery Address: 2990 San Pablo, Berkeley, CA 94702

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday, Noon – 5:00pm; Saturday, Noon – 4:30pm

Kala Gallery is proud to present Where Water Comes Together With Other Water – Residency Projects: New Work by 2012-2013 Kala Fellows, featuring new work by our 2012-2013 Fellowship artists. The exhibition includes Kala Fellows Stella Ebner, Chris Fraser, Koo Kyung Sook, Margaret Leininger, Colin James Lyons, Sanaz Mazinani, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, Clint Wilson and Noah Wilson. The exhibition presents new work created during the Fellows’ studio residencies in a wide array of media and processes including social engagement projects with fiber art, sculpture, silkscreen and intaglio prints, drawings, mixed media, photograms, photography and video installations. The title of the exhibition comes from the name of a poem by Raymond Carver. As Carver does, these artists illustrate how their personal histories and affinities play out in their work, inevitably reflecting the uniqueness of their artistic paths—composed as they are of the traces of each leg of their journey—from where they began, to where they are now.

Kala Fellowships are awarded annually to nine innovative artists working in printmaking, photography, book arts, installation, video and digital media. Social practice projects have been included for the first time in Kala’s 2012-2013 Fellowship residencies. Fellowship artists are selected from a competitive field of applicants from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Recipient artists receive a financial award and up to a six-month residency at Kala’s studio facility followed by an exhibition of their new work.

Kala’s Fellows for 2012-2013 were selected by Kala Directors in association with juror Dr. Stephanie Hanor, Director at Mills College Art Museum.

Please note: Kala Gallery will have an abbreviated summer schedule for the month of August. The gallery will be closed from Sunday, August 11th through Monday, September 2nd. Residency Projects will re-open on Tuesday, September 3rd with a return to our regular gallery hours. During the gallery closure, please direct any questions to our administrative offices at 510-549-2977. 

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“Actual Scale” – Exhibition & Opening Reception

Kala Art Institute is proud to present Actual Scale,” a group exhibition that explores visual discrepancies and disorienting shifts in scale, and includes new works in photography, video, sculpture and drawing. Seven visual artists—as well as a studio collective which includes three children—investigate aspects of the relativity of scale. The resulting images and objects range from the highly miniaturized to the dramatically over-sized.

The exhibition is comprised of artists approaching the topic of scale from a variety of diverse vantage points: The use of digital tools and technology is represented, alongside works that feature a high level of hand-produced craftsmanship. Other unlikely pairings include works that investigate imaging, based on detailed scientific study, next to works underscored by a witty materiality and child-like playfulness. In their juxtapositions, the works of Actual Scale suggest that Alice might have actually exited Wonderland through a rabbit-hole, only to find herself inside a fantastical diorama, climbing a mountain of children’s socks.

Joshua Band uses photography and digital tools to expand our experience of the landscape. Joshua creates elaborate photographic installations that pull real world images into a collision of two dimensional flatness and re-structured three-dimensional space, where any sense of proportion and relational scale have been completely shattered.

Kevin Chen and Amber Stucke are both working at a highly skilled level of draftsmanship with their attention focused at opposite ends of the spectrum of scale. Kevin presents a series of drawings that offer up intricate views of urbanscapes that are so extraordinarily miniaturized and finely rendered that a magnifying glass accompanies each work. Amber Stucke essentially works in the reverse by examining microscopic scale with large scale results. Amber’s elegant large format drawings present vastly magnified scientific images of biological symbiosis that would normally be invisible to the naked eye.

Llewelynn Fletcher and Phil King each present works that are re-created objects of simple domestic usage. Llewelynn Fletcher up-ends our sense of the physical body and objects of comfort and stability by skewing the relationship of expected scale. Llewelynn’s perfectly crafted yet wildly over-sized furniture-inspired works dwarf the viewer, creating an Alice in Wonderland moment of disorientation. Phil King utilizes laser cutting tools to fabricate a table-top tableaux of simple everyday objects. Each object is actually produced at the correct scale, yet are crafted from non-functional materials such as paper and cardboard. Together, Phil’s non-functional objects create an imaginative playground for viewers to jump in and share their experience.

Renée Gertler explores our understanding of astronomy by creating sculptural models that are based on scientific diagrams. The work processes a witty humility that underscores the incomprehensible task of representing the vastness of our solar system and beyond.

Nadim Sabella meshes highly detailed iconic architectural models with photographic and video presentations that call into question authenticity and actual scale. Much of Nadim’s small-scale constructed realities are facing looming disaster—yet in a photograph it’s difficult to ascertain if the image is genuine or a fabrication.

Verdstein Studio is a family-based collaborative project headed by video artist Ellen Lake. Ellen, her partner Chris Green, and their children Sam, Josie and Ruby investigate the private world of childhood. Verdstein Studio presents a series of photographs and video documentation sharing secret miniature worlds.

Please join us for a Gallery Conversation with the artists on Saturday, March 16 at 2:00 pm. The event is free of charge and open to the public. 

“Actual Scale”
February 21 – March 30, 2013
Artists’ Reception: Thursday, February 21, 6-8 PM
Gallery Conversation with the Artists: Saturday, March 16, 2:00 pm
Kala Gallery, 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

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Artist Talk with Colpa Press’ Luca Antonucci & Carissa Potter

Artists Luca Antonucci & Carissa Potter, owner-operators of San Francisco’s Colpa Press and Edicola Newsstand, will appear in the Kala Gallery Saturday, December 15, to discuss their recent projects and collaborative history.

For the past two years, Colpa Press has dedicated itself to challenging the independent publishing community by producing work that examines the print form in the age of digital media. Its publications investigate the relationship between printmaking and concept; every production decision is motivated by this dialogue. As Colpa Press, Antonucci and Potter also curate site-specific events that address the history of the location as well as the future of re-purposing these spaces.

In March of 2012, Colpa Press opened Edicola, a re-purposed newsstand/kiosk on San Francisco’s Market Street, selling artist books, fine art prints, independently published periodicals, and records. To date, Colpa has brought over 100 artists to the kiosk and hosted and/or curated over a dozen events on Market Street and other venues.

Recent recipients of the 2012 Alternative Exposure grant, Colpa plans to continue expanding its line of art books, and to open new and unusual venues for their distribution.

Luca Antonucci is interested in the way space is defined, in both public and literary terms. His work is often a re-negotiating of historical incidents from the perspective of varying technical faculties. | Carissa Potter‘s practice is a careful investigation of intimacy both publicly and privately. Carissa’s prints and small-scale objects are meant to integrate into retail environments and point to the hopeless romanticism of consumer products.

Artist Talk with Colpa Press’ Luca Antonucci & Carissa Potter – Saturday, December 15, from 6-8PM in the Kala Gallery. 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702 / 510-841-7000

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“In Formation” – Opening Reception

Bean Gilsdorf (left) / Jesse Houlding (right)

In Formation – Exhibition and Opening

In Formation - At Berkeley Central Arts Passage
Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 5, 6-8pm

Exhibition Continues through Jan 18, 2013
Berkeley Central Arts Passage
2055 Center Street, Berkeley (between Shattuck and Milvia)

Work by Artists:
Bean Gilsdorf, Maggie Haas, Jesse Houlding, Jesse Boardman Kauppila, Crystal Roethlisberger, Anthony Ryan

Berkeley Central and Kala Art Institute are pleased to present In Formation, the inaugural exhibition of the Berkeley Central Arts Passage. Please join us for a reception for In Formation on Wednesday, December 5, 6-8pm.

In Formation kicks-off the new Berkeley Central exhibition series featuring artworks from Berkeley-based artists and the Kala Art Institute community. With three exhibitions yearly, Berkeley Central Arts Passage looks forward to being a part of the vibrant downtown Berkeley Arts District and forging new connections between artists and audience.

In Formation hosts a fresh perspective on the inner workings of formalism – color, form, and interdependency: Bean Gilsdorf’s flag-like rubbings of neighbors’ cars; Maggie Haas’s brazen yet delicate paintings of building units; Jesse Houlding’s “truck drawings,” made surprisingly on his way around town; Jesse Boardman Kauppila’s inside-out explosion of the traditional print-making process; Crystal Roethlisberger’s rendezvous with incremental variation; and Anthony Ryan’s permutations of order in wood, screenprints, and woven paper.

For nearly four decades, Kala Art Institute in West Berkeley, has fostered artistic innovation and excellence through artist residency programs that attract regional, national, and international artists. The range of media supported by Kala’s facilities includes printmaking, photography, book arts, digital media, and video. Emerging and established artists have the opportunity to use Kala’s facilities to develop and exhibit new and experimental artwork. Kala’s public programs include gallery exhibitions, custom printing, art sales, open enrollment classes and workshops, facilities rental, special events, and youth programs.

For further information contact: Amanda Curreri, Berkeley Central Arts Program Coordinator, amanda@kala.org

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Kala “Artists’ Annual” Exhibition and Opening

Kala Artists’ Annual – Exhibition and Opening
Fresh work in a variety of media by Kala’s community of artists!

Artists affiliated with Kala Art Institute will be exhibiting their work in the 2012 Artists’ Annual, at the Kala Gallery from December 13, 2012 through February 2, 2013. A public reception for the artists will be held on Thursday, December 13 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. This exhibition reflects the diverse Kala community in a juried exhibition of prints, photographs, paintings, drawings, videos, mixed-media works, and sculpture.

This year, as part of the Artists’ Annual, a Youth Art Exhibition will be presented in the Kala Community Classroom. Students from Emery Secondary School and Rosa Parks Kids’ Village will be exhibiting their projects, created through Kala’s Youth Art Programs.

Kala’s Artists’ Annual exhibition is generously supported with grants from the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, and the Zellerbach Family Foundation.

Tours of the Kala studio, gallery and print-and-media study center are also available by appointment.

Artists’ Annual Opening Reception: December 13, 6-8PM.

Kala Gallery/Kala Art Institute, 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

http://www.kala.org / 510-841-7000

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“Kalassal” – Kala’s 2nd Annual Half-Off Art Sale and Fundraiser

Fall is here, which means it’s time for Kala’s 2nd Annual KALASSAL Art Sale, a humongous four-day art sale of works by over 100 Kala artists, past and present, all at 50% off. The sale benefits Kala Art Institute, a non-profit arts organization that provides studio residencies, gallery exhibitions and a variety of public educational programs. A portion of the proceeds raised will go specifically toward repairing and replacing equipment in the studios.

The public is invited to join artists from the Kala community to kick-off the sale on Thursday evening, November 8, 2012 from 6 to 9 pm in the Kala Gallery. Come peruse the fabulous collection of original prints, photographs, and more, while enjoying an “intoxicating brew of Cajun and Creole music” with the Creole Belles and tasty artisan American comfort food served by WhipOut! Food Truck. Admission will be free for this festive evening event.

The sale continues Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons to allow plenty of time to come back for more. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to get original artworks for 50% off and to support Kala.

Kala Gallery, 2990 San Pablo, Berkeley, CA 94702 / http://www.kala.org/kalassal/

Participating Artists:
Francis Baker • Sung Jae Bang • Lynn Beldner • Alex Benedict • Carol Benioff • Ann Bernauer • Elizabeth Bernstein • Steve Briscoe • Janine Brown • Jamie Brunson • Paper Buck • Wendyn Cadden • Margaret-Ann Clemente • Harry Clewans • Jennifer Cole • Helene Cote • Claire B. Cotts • Amanda Curreri • Julia Davis-Lucey • Hayley Delaney • Inga Dorosz • Ascha Kells Drake • Jessica Dunne • Stella Ebner • John Edwards • Lisa Esherick • Beth Fein • Bruce Fletcher • Maria Foley • Barbara Foster • Michael Fram • Meredith French • Kim Frohsin • Ewa Gavrielov • Zachary Gilmour • Wendy Goldberg • Jeffrey Hantman • Bruce Hasson • Ellen Heck • Nif Hodgson • Brooke Holve • Archana Horsting • Cynthia Ona Innis • Josefina Jacquin • Dennis Johnson • Sharon Jue • Toby Kahn • John King • Amanda Knowles • Eunkang Koh • Carol Ladewig • Ellen Lake • Shari Lamanet LaLonde • Samantha Lautman • Nancer Lemoins • Lisa Levine • Janet Lucroy • Monika Lukowska • Mary Marsh • Vanessa Marsh • Daniel McClain • Robin McCloskey • Stephen McMillan • Shannon Milar • Michelle Muennig • Jenny Mullins • Michelle Murillo • GaryNakamoto • Jeannie O’Connor • Kelly Ording • Molly Palmer • Marian Parmenter • Susan Parrish • Nora Pauwels • Emily Payne • Endi Poskovic • Sandi Potter • Amanda Quiroz • Rita Robillard • Jenny Robinson • Anne Ross • Melanie Ross • Deborah Salomon • Unai San Martin • Ron Moultrie Saunders • Boris Scherbakov • Alida Semonsen • Elizabeth Sher • Mary K. Shisler • Maryly Snow • Sylvia Solochek
Walters • Regina Stadnik • Livia Stein • Inez Storer • Toru Sugita • Seiko Tachibana • Gail M. Tarantino • Patricia Thomas • Othmar Tobisch • Peter Tonningsen • Frances Valesco • Kerry Vander Meer • Theodora Varnay Jones • Sam Vaughan • Richard Wagener • Katherine Warinner • Lanny Weingrod • Donna Westerman • Julie Whitcomb • Liz Wiener • Heather Wilcoxon • Noah Wilson • Lena Wolff • Fumiyo Yoshikawa and more

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Youth Art Workshop Series

Grades: 3 – 7
Saturdays, January 19, 26 & February 2 from 9-noon
“Air, Land, and Water: Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking”
Kala Community Classroom

Tuition: $150 (includes materials)
Friends of Kala: $135

During this exciting three session workshop series, participants will look at artists who devote their focus to natural themes. Explore a new medium (drawing, painting, and printmaking) in each session. Work with a variety of drawing tools, paint on different surfaces, and develop two different types of prints. Students are invited to bring in images of air, land, and water that could inspire their work.

Enroll by December 19 and pay the member price.

Contact: jamila@kala.org (510.841.7000)

Please select from the options below
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Family Art Day

Saturday, December 15 from 10am to 1pm
Kala Community Classroom 2990 San Pablo Ave at Ashby
Advance registration required!

This three-hour session focuses on the beauty of capturing the world with drawing tools. Participants will look, and look again, to understand form and motion while being led through a series of warm-up exercises. After feeling comfortable with materials and inspirations on hand, participants will draw and create an accordion book that will be a record of their day’s endeavors.

Artists 4 years and older welcome!

Ascha Drake, a Kala Youth Art Programs 2012 instructor, DeYoung and Guggenheim art educator, and a wonderful artist will be facilitating the project.

Do bring a lunch, there will be a break in the middle of the session. Please plan to arrive at 10am and stay until 1pm.

Price: $25 per person/ $65 for a group of 3
Friends of Kala: $22 per person/ $58 for a group of 3
Please visit kala.org for membership details.

Contact: jamila@kala.org (510.841.7000)

Number of Participants
Age of each child:
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“KEEPING TIME” – Gallery Conversation

“KEEPING TIME” – Gallery Conversation
Saturday, October 20th, 2:00 pm, Kala Gallery, Berkeley.

Kala Gallery hosts a Gallery Conversation with presentations by artists in our current exhibition, KEEPING TIME. Lauren Davies, Kala’s Director of Exhibitions, will serve as moderator.

KEEPING TIME is the second in our two-part 2012 exhibition series exploring cycles of time. This group exhibition investigates various modes of the marking, tracking, measuring and keeping of time–and features works in drawing, photography, textiles, sculpture and video.
The talk is free of charge and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!
Please join us for the Gallery Conversation and a last chance to say goodbye to our beloved Gallery Curator and Director of Exhibitions & Public Programs, Lauren Davies, who will be leaving us after 12 years of curatorial excellence.

The exhibition, “Keeping Time” and related programs are generously funded by Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.
Kala Gallery/Kala Art Institute, 2990 San Pablo Av., Berkeley, CA 94702
510-841-7000 www.kala.org

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“KEEPING TIME” – Exhibition Opening & Artists’ Reception

Kirkman Amyx, "Looking East, Looking West", detail of 35,040 image cells created by photographing the changing sky every 15 minutes for an entire year, 2010

KEEPING TIME” – Exhibition Opening & Artists’ Reception

October 4, 2012, 6-8PM

Kala Gallery, 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

Kala Gallery is proud to present “Keeping Time,” the second in our two-part 2012 exhibition series that explores cycles of time. This group exhibition investigates various modes of the marking, tracking, measuring and keeping of time–and features works in drawing, photography, textiles, sculpture and video.

Exhibition Dates: October 4 – November 21, 2012
Artists’ Reception: Thursday, October 4, 6-8 PM
From 5-6PM,  (for Friends of Kala Members only): Special Preview & Curator’s gallery-walk-through.

Gallery Conversation: Saturday, October 20 at 2:00pm, with artists and the curator.

Keeping Time brings together works by invited artists from the Bay Area, as well a a number of artists selected through Kala’s nationwide submission review process.

Artists Include:
Kirkman Amyx – Terry Berlier – Jenny Bloomfield – Jennifer Brandon – Chandra Cerrito – Sohyung Choi – Ryan Jennings Clark – Adele Crawford – Miriam Dym – Beth Fein – Nicole Herbert – Leslie Hirst – Allison Leigh Holt – Sarah Klein & David Kwan – Eric Larson – Helen Lee – Leah Rosenberg – Christina Seely – Lili Smith – Ansley West
With Invited Guest Artists:
Sonja Hinrichsen – Robin Kandel – Carol Ladewig – Richard Nagler – Gary Nakamoto – Carol Selter

Keeping Time is juried and curated by Lauren Davies.

The exhibition, “Keeping Time” and related programs are generously funded by Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.

Kala Gallery/Kala Art Institute 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California. 94702
tel: 510-841-7000

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