Kala AIR Talk: Hisaharu Motoda & Molly Palmer

Title: Kala AIR Talk: Hisaharu Motoda & Molly Palmer
Location: Kala Gallery,  2990 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702
Date & Time: Wednesday, August 18, 7pm

Description: Kala’s Residency programs present a series of artists’ talks by our current Artists-in-Residence.

Hisaharu Motoda
Visiting from Japan, Hisaharu Motoda draws cityscapes in ruin based on photographs of real architectural structures in modern cities. In a drawing he creates an imaginary ruin of the city and then transfers it to a litho stone, presenting an analytical and objective view of the scene. In his cityscapes, the past, present and future exist all at once and blur the border between fiction and reality. Hisaharu was the recipient of the The Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists of Agency for Cultural Affairs Grant, and prior to Kala, he spent nine months in Melbourne, Australia. He was awarded various printmaking prizes in Japan, and his work has been presented at Borsos City Museum in Hungary, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery and many others. http://hisaharu-motoda.petit.cc/

molly palmer
Molly Palmer
has described her work as ‘the real world concentrated, magnified and flattened, with the saturation turned up until some of the lines become blurred.’ Many of her paintings, drawings and prints originate in everyday encounters or objects, which are shuffled through a prism of intentional daydream and momentary misinterpretation. Isolated from their everyday context and suspended in vibrant color fields or ambiguous architectural settings, they take on a heightened significance that obscures their original function. Molly graduated from Goldsmith’s BFA program in 2007 and spent the next three years exhibiting, performing and screening works at London galleries including 291 Gallery, The South London Gallery, Royal Academy and Whitechapel Gallery. http://www.mollypalmer.net/

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