What’s New in the Print Room – Noah Wilson’s Work

An Interview With Kala Artist Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson

What originally drew you to photography as a technique of getting at what you want accomplish as an artist?

I’ve always appreciated the directness of photography, the ability to use a camera to pull from the world an image of something that catches my attention. It connects me to the response that I have to seeing. When I truly see something, I feel aware and alive, and that’s when I know that I can make a picture. I also appreciate the tools of the camera – frame, focus, lightmeter, etc – because they tune me into the experience of seeing – they make me a better witness – and I enjoy the challenge of trying to shape an image from the world (which is not an image) using these devices. Even though I often reshape my photographic work through various processes and other types of media, the imagery is always connected to that initial response with the camera.

How was it that you originally got involved with Kala? Is there something about your experience from that time that remains with you today? Is there an aspect of your current work or methods that evolved from that time at Kala?

My friend Lindsey White started working at Kala as a Fellowship artist, and she turned me on to the incredible working environment here. Everyone is here to work hard, and that energy that’s created from people making art is pervasive in the studios, palpable even. Working at Kala has led me to experiments in my work that I don’t think I would have arrived at had I not been here. Having personal access to high quality scanners and large format printers lets me problem solve at my own pace and gives me direct contact with how the equipment translates the work. Getting tuned in to the many ways in which this equipment can interpret and print my work has led me to new ways of thinking about my imagery.

I understand that some of your work is available through Kala’s Art Sales Program. Are there other ways in which you have remained connected to Kala in the intervening years, to the studios, or the gallery?

I’ve continued to work at the studios on and off, as often as I can. Also, I’ve had work in many of the group exhibitions, auctions and print sales at the gallery, and I’m creating a small edition of prints for artists who contribute to the Kalassal print sale later this year.
— Interviewed by Eric Hoffman

These and many other works are available for purchase through Kala’s Art Sales Program. For an appointment, please contact Andrea Voinot at 510-841-7000 or andrea@kala.org

Kala Gallery will have an abbreviated summer schedule for the month of August. The gallery will be closed from Sunday, August 12th through Monday, September 3rd. Residency Projects will re-open on Tuesday, September 4th with a return to our regular gallery hours. During the gallery closure, please direct any questions to our administrative offices at 510-549-2977.

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