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  • North American Cartographic and Information Society
October 9, Missoula Montana
Presenting a paper at the annual conference in the “Mapping Water” session titled
  • North American Cartographic and Information Society

October 11, Missoula Montana
All-day workshop at toMake Press in Missoua titled

“Stop this day [and night] with me and you shall possess the origin of all maps,” is a day-long workshop with Steven at the home of toMake Press, in Missoula, Montana. It is inspired by words of Walt Whitman. 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM. Bring footwear suitable for walking in the river. On Saturday we will meet for an early breakfast and then proceed to toMake studio to make an observation book, gather tools, review some concepts, pick up our lunch and head out to the river.  Plan on spending time on Clark’s Fork of the Columbia, outside in October. We will return to the Press after lunch to reflect, share, map and respond to our experiences. And make a spatial response, a map from a direct contact experience

  • Missoula Art Museum
September 16 through November 15 Missoula, Montana
In-house show containing: a handmade pinhole camera, sixteen journal pages, ten pinhole images, two large format pinhole triptychs, all from the series “Forty Visits to River Bend View.” The show also features ten limited edition lithographs or responses that map rivers.  Holloway is an experienced printmaker, educator and geographer. He will use the exhibition space to “illustrate” the process of mapping what he calls “Right MAP Making,” and will concentrate on the Clark Fork River, highlighting the observation tools, journal notes, pinhole photographs, maps and resulting print(s). We are pleased Holloway has returned to Missoula for this exhibition. He has been working at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley , CA , as an artist-in-residence, instructor of lithography and in the artist-in-the-schools program.
  • Missoulian newspaper
September 14
A nice article on a former student of mine in geography at the University of Montana, Casey Wilson, now working for OPG in the city.
The paper asks about the broadside of mine “Right MAP Making” displayed on her wall and continues to quote from it in the article.

The journal Cartographic Perspectives will publish a response to my broadside in issue #60 titled “Manifestos” as well as my article “Just to make clear where the roots come from.”
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