Creative GENIUS-100 Artists art book for collectors and bookstores

We are inviting contemporary artists to submit artworks for selection in CREATIVE GENIUS a new collectible global art book for collectors, museums, galleries, bookstores and eCommerce. Each artist selection, nomination and inclusion is made on the merit of the works. The editors will review all submissions and make decisions on acceptance. Each artist included will receive three copies of the book.

Materials to Submit
Artists wishing to enter an Artist Profile should provide to the selection:
” 3~6 art works (email us JPG /TIFFs image files as 300 dpi /23 cm/ 9 in on side.
” The works details : title, year, media, size
” Up to 500 words of critic or statement
” The personal website
” The place of residence and work
” A photo of yourself (300 dpi/4 cm/1,5 in)
If you are selected an editorial fee is requested to defray editorial and production expenses. The current editorial fee start at 990 Euro or the equivalent currency for two-page spreads in the book (one-page for 590 Euro or the equivalent currency is also available but will exclude the free page in ART Made Only Once).
The editorial fee is not for the right to be the included in our collectible global art books but represents an standard production cost that includes creative layout and design, full editing, plates, offset print, packing, shipping, distribution and three book copies send to each artist included.
Once approved, submitters in Creative Genius will get free of charges one-page in Art Now /ART Made Only Once (value 590 Euro) a collective, collective global art book edited and published by MOT in cooperation with
The editing process is in progress. Click-on the PDF below to view, download, and print the Application Form.
MOT’s distribution is through large book wholesalers and ecommerce channels in US bookstores and internationally including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon ad more.

Masters of Today (MOT) collective art books are collectible art objects. Each published artist profile in MOT books should be authentically signed by the artist and the value of the book could be extended to the value of an investment art object. By including one autograph signature or the autographs of several of the artist’s published in the book the suggested value of an authentic signed 100 contemporary artists Masters of Today (MOT) art book could be from $199 to over $11,700 per copy, depending on circumstances and on the number of authentic autographs.

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