Rememberment: “Installation, Separation, Synthesis” and “The Practice of Collaboration, Community and Collectivity” at JFK’s Art & Consciousness gallery

rememberment: installation, separation, synthesis, Kimberley Campisano, MFA Exhibition
Arts & Consciousness Gallery, October 15 – November 7, 2009
Hours: Mon – Fri 11 am-5 pm,  Sat 12 noon – 5 pm
Location: JFK University, 2956 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley Campus, 2nd Floor, Department of Arts & Consciousness, Berkeley, CA  94702
Gallery Phone Number: 510-647-2041

rememberment is a multi-media, interdisciplinary art installation that explores the construction of meaning, memory, and an understanding of time through the compositing of segmented experiences, objects and images. Kimberley Campisano compiles and combs through photographic fragments, bits of language and family stories. Using stop motion video, objects in states of disintegration or reintegration and layers of sound and light in order to create a bridge between self and other, memory and loss, separation and synthesis. Go to ( for a revue of rememberment. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

The Practice of Collaboration, Community and Collectivity During the panel discussion on The Practice of Collaboration, Community and Collectivity in art practices each participant will present work they have done as artists, educators, curators, writers, collective members, etc. that involved or necessitated collaboration or work within community. There is much to say about the struggle and success of negotiating a plurality of voices and concerns in the creative process. Participants will show examples of and speak briefly about their work in these areas citing specific experiences, and philosophies (5-10 minutes/person). We will then take questions and respond by engaging in dialogue between us. The panel will be held in the Arts & Consciousness Gallery, Saturday, November 7, 2009 5 pm – 7 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Confirmed participants include:

Kimberley Campisano (Artist, Educator, JFKU A&C MFA Candidate)

Terri Cohn (Writer, Curator, Art Historian Faculty & Graduate Faculty Advisor
San Francisco Art Institute)

Sharon Siskin (Artist, Educator, JFKU Faculty – Faculty Advisor, Goddard College
Adjunct Professor,
California College of the Arts – Faculty, Berkeley City College)

Kathy deRosas (Artist, JFKU A&C MFA Graduate Student)

Tara Ford (Artist, JFKU A&C MFA Graduate Student)

Yasmin Lambie-Simpson (Artist, JFKU A&C Masters of Transformative Arts Alumna)

Eric Morgan (Artist, JFKU A&C MFA Graduate Student)

Samuel Ribitch Martin (Artist, Writer)

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for more information about the panel discussion and exhibition.
For information about JFK University and the Department of Arts & Consciousness, visit

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