Call for Artists for Art in Vacant Store Fronts from Mary Ann

Downtown Berkeley Storefront Art
Art, Poetry, and History of Berkeley

Project Vision:
Connect our community to art on a daily basis and express a positive vision of Downtown Berkeley by making art available on a daily basis through the installation of professionally presented art in vacant windows.

Strengthen the Downtown Berkeley Arts District identity by allowing artists to promote the arts and culture of Berkeley, and enable property owners to present their property in an engaging way for the citizens of and the visitors to Berkeley.

Project Partners:
This is a private/public partnership between the Downtown Berkeley Association as the lead agency and representative of the property owners, with the City of Berkeley Office of Economic Development and Civic Arts Program, and 510Arts. Buy Local Berkeley is a project sponsor. Special thanks to Expressions Gallery. This is a unique collaboration between artists and property owners who are not in the business of showing art. The program is tailored accordingly and we request patience from artists as it is not a typical gallery format.

Artists and arts organizations are valued partners in the Buy Local Berkeley campaign which promotes your unique and local character.

Artists should live or work in Berkeley. We encourage involvement by established arts, culture, and history organizations located in Berkeley who will represent their artists in the installation and management of the exhibit. Artists will gain promotional benefits, and are expected to cover their own expenses as there are no funds available through the Storefront Art Program.

Qualities and logistics for art installation:
1. The art will be professionally displayed with each piece framed and/or suitably presented to include labeling of the art pieces (title, artist name, medium, dimensions). The Artist will supply one sign maximum per window area in a reasonable size to name and provide contact information for their organization. The DBA will supply one “Downtown Berkeley Storefront Art” sign to be placed in each window area.
2. The art will be suitable for public display and follow Berkeley’s Civic Arts Guidelines as follows. “Artwork is selected on its aesthetic merits. Art will be chosen with appropriate regard for the nature of the space and the audience. The Downtown Berkeley Storefront Art project addresses the viewer directly on the public right of way. Art must exhibit consideration for viewers’ sensitivities to violence, sexual expression and negative portrayals of diverse populations.”
3. The installation mechanics will able to function independently of human interaction – such as using timers if any component is electronic or computer activated.
4. The art and installation materials will be “safe” – method/materials not overly fragile. And, it will not utilize materials that will disintegrate from exposure. (for example, no scotch tape)
5. The installation can be set up in a fairly efficient time frame, and on a Monday – Friday, 9a-5p basis.
6. The display will not completely block the view from the sidewalk into the interior of the space.
7. The display will be available for one month to six months based on property availability.

Artist Representative is responsible to:
1. Reviewing the proposed site to determine whether the sun-light and other conditions are suitable for your art work.
2. Signing a Storefront Arts’ Limits of Liability waiver.
3. Providing art that follows the Storefront Art and City of Berkeley Civic Arts Commission guidelines.
4. Promoting the exhibit through your own arts organization.
5. Representing the individual artists in all aspects of the project including to handle purchase inquiries.
6. Checking exhibition regularly, especially if computer and video is used to ensure that all is working properly.
7. Removing art quickly if the space is rented during the course of the display.
8. Cleaning the space after the exhibit.
9. Filling out the Eligibility Survey for Buy Local Berkeley.

Downtown Berkeley Association is responsible to:
1. Gain approval from the property owners for the use of the site.
2. Coordinate entry into the space for installation.
3. Produce signage and promotional materials for the Storefront Art program.
4. Promote the installations including through 510 Arts.

The Berkeley Office of Economic Development – Civic Arts is responsible for:
1. Additional promotion and marketing, including through Visit Berkeley and 510 Arts.

2. Curatorial and program development consultation from the Civic Arts Office.

The Host / Property Owner is responsible to:
1. Provide the site, with consideration of electrical and lighting.
2. Sign the Limits of Liability waiver.


To Apply:
1. Artists/organizations submit electronic images of the art (not more than 10 jpegs) and of the descriptive signage to be installed (not more than 1 jpeg) to <> .
2. DBA and partners will review the art and notify Artist of selection, and potentially to arrange a viewing in person.
3. Artist will sign the Limits of Liability form, and arrange with DBA to install the art in the assigned space.

Approved Exhibit Locations:
As sites become available, a Call For Artists will be sent out widely to the community.

The Storefront Art Committee and the property owners have the right to reject all design proposals, and the right to reject any art that differs from its electronic image. Space will be allocated as available.

Downtown Berkeley Association
2230 Shattuck Avenue, Suite C
Berkeley, CA 94704
510.549.2230 x 12

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