Board of Directors and Advisory Council

The Kala Board of Directors meets on monthly basis. A number of the Board members are active arts professionals, local business leaders, and have strong ties to the art community.

Perrin Meyer, President
Davis Riemer, Vice-President
Larry Chaset, Treasurer
Bruce Helmberger, Secretary
Sylvia Solochek Walters, Liaison to the Kala Advisory Council
Alice Beasley
Frederick Fassett
Thomas Foster
Maya Hara
Archana Horsting
Joanne Kamiya
Sue Kubly
Carol Ladewig
Manny Lopez
Yuzo Nakano (Emeritus)
Peter Selz (1919-2019)
Amrita Singhal


The Kala Advisory Council meets twice a year.

Kevin Chen
John DeMerritt
Kate Eilertsen
Spergon Hunt
Cynthia Ona Innis
Sharon Jue
Claire Kessler-Bradner
Sarah Klein
Jody B. Knowlton
Julia Marshall
Robin McCloskey
Julie McCray
Patrick McMenamin, Advisory Council President
Jim Melchert (Emeritus)
Michelle Nye
Josh Oliver
Martin Paley
Nora Pauwels
Steve Pickle
Lucy Puls
Foad Satterfield
Patricia Thomas
Stephen Thomas
Andrea Voinot
Gordon Yamate