Fund For The Future

As Kala begins our 50th year of operation (1974-2024) , we’re calling on you and Kala’s creative community to come together to celebrate this special occasion and to raise $500,000 in honor of our 50th year! These funds will support Kala’s artist residencies, arts education, exhibitions and public programs, as well as provide a new source of income for capacity building, renovating art-making space, and buying new equipment.

To do this, we’re launching Kala’s Fund for the Future!


We’re asking each of you to join us this year in making a one-time stretch gift to honor Kala’s rich history and ignite Kala’s potential and programming for years to come.  Donate to Kala today!

With your support, we’ll build out a new 600 sq. ft. multi-use art-making space in Kala’s building. We’ll also be purchasing new art-making tools and equipment, continuing in the Kala tradition of experimenting across media and from the digital to the handmade. Finally, we’ll be training artists and staff on new equipment and deepening the work we do supporting artists and engaging the community.

The Fund for the Future is aligned with Kala’s  2023-2025 Strategic Plan,  investing in artist engagement, service, and support with a focus on Kala’s core values – creativity and transformation. With your help we’ll add to Kala’s high quality spaces for experimentation, reciprocity, and empowerment and make sure Kala is thriving for 50 more years!

Thank you for being part of Kala’s creative community and for your support for Kala’s Fund for the Future!