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  • Become a Friend of Kala member and join a community of artists, art-lovers and arts advocates bound by a shared belief in the value of nurturing artists, the transformative power of art, and the importance of public access to the creative process. To view membership benefits, go to Membership section.
  • Take a class at Kala.  There are 100 classes and workshops to choose from in the 2013 catalogue.  You can register online at www.kala.org. (Private classes and tutoring sessions in many subjects are also available.)  To register by phone contact Program Coordinator Carrie Hott at 510-549-2977, ext. 303.
  • Purchase original prints from our consignment inventory or artwork from the exhibitions at the Kala Gallery. To inquire please contact Art Sales Manager Andrea Voinot at andrea@kala.org or 510-841-7000, ext. 206. To view available artwork online, go to Art Sales section.
  • Internships at Kala Art Institute
    Internship positions currently available at Kala are listed below (click for description):
    Artists-in-Schools I
    AIS Camp Kala
    Art Collection
    Art Sales
    Print Studio
    Web Multimedia Production

    To apply for an internship, please email a cover letter describing your interests, computer experience, and the internship position you are interested in to the contact name listed on the description. Please include a copy of your resumé and the dates and days/times you are available. Interviews are by appointment only with selected candidates. Positions open until filled.

  • Visit the Kala Gallery and bring a friend. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday, 12:00 – 5:30 pm and Saturday, 12:30 – 4:30 pm. Check Exhibitions and Events sections to see what's happening at Kala.
  • Arrange a presentation about Kala to your local service or community group. To find out more please contact Kala Community Engagement Manager Amanda Curreri at amanda@kala.org
  • Be a business or individual sponsor of a Kala exhibition, special event or workshop. Please contact the Kala Development Department to discuss sponsorship opportunities and benefits at 510-841-7000, ext. 204 for Ellen Lake or email ellen@kala.org
  • Ensure the work of Kala continues through a multi-year pledge contribution.  You can do this easily online using Donate Now button.