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Poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti working on his litho stone with
Kala Master Printer, Wendyn Cadden

Unai San Martin

Photogravure by Unai San Martin


Kala Art Institute's Custom Printing and Editioning Services fully support your printing project. We offer a full array of traditional and digital services along with one-on-one consultations. A team of Master Printers and Staff are dedicated to serving your artistic needs, and are on hand to guide you through the editioning process.


- Intaglio: aquatint, drypoint, etching, photogravure, etc. French American tool presses and a large aquatint box.

- Letterpress and Relief Printing: A wide array of lead type for traditional typography. Large UV exposure unit for photopolymer plates.

- Traditional Stone Lithography: Big selection of the best Solnhofen stone. Large Takach Press.

- Digital Printing and Scanning: From the Imacon Flextight Scanner to the latest generation of Epson printers, serviced by an expert team of technicians that keep the machines performing at optimum levels.

For more information and free estimates, contact Unai San Martin, Custom Printing Manager and Master Printer, (510) 549-2977 ext. 307, unai@kala.org