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Clint Wilson

Rodrigo Valenzuela
Diamond Box

Amy Ho

Michael Wilson & Natalie Zimmerman



Open Seas

September 4 – October 15, 2014

Artists' Reception: Thursday, September 4, 6-8 pm

Donna Brookman
Kristine Eudey
Arash Fayez
Alana Perino
Christie Ginanni Stepan
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Michael Wilson & Natalie Zimmerman
Wenxin Zhang

Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri, 12-5:00pm; Sat, 12-4:30pm

Gallery location:
2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

Kala Gallery is proud to present Open Seas, a group exhibition that presents work by artists who explore the idea of borders from a wide range of perspectives.

From political geography to psychological boundaries, the idea of borders can mean a line, an area, an arc, or a mark where something begins and something ends. When there is a border, a zone appears around this line. Inside the zone is like a chrysalis with a flexible shell. It is in constant flux and a transitional state. It expands on its own merging the edges of the outside. Often it is an area where human desire and curiosity – desire to see what’s not there and desire to change and transform, come to life and/or collapse constantly.

Tours of the Kala studio, gallery and print archive are also available by appointment.
A diverse collection of printmaking works is presented throughout Kala's gallery facility including the Mercy & Roger Smullen Print and Media Study Center.

For more information, contact Mayumi Hamanaka, Kala Gallery Manager, mayumi@kala.org or (510) 841-7000 ex 201.