kala art institute

exhibition at Berkeley Central Arts Passage:

Lucy Puls

Lucy Puls
Ultra Iterum (13-D-23), 2013

Day Re-dreamed

September 25- December 6, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 25, 6-8pm

Berkeley Central Arts Passage:
2055 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
(between Shattuck and Milvia)

Viewing hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm

Sheila Ghidini
Jeremiah Jenkins
Victoria May
Maria Porges
Lucy Puls
Brooke Westfall

Kala Art Institute is pleased to announce Day Re-dreamed, the latest off-site exhibition at Berkeley Central Arts Passage. Join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday, September 25, 6-8pm.

Day Re-dreamed features works by Sheila Ghidini, Jeremiah Jenkins, Victoria May, Maria Porges, Lucy Puls, and Brooke Westfall. These artists use everyday materials and resources to create new narratives hatched from their imagination. Objects, spaces or experiences are transformed via new arrangements, compositions, re-purposing and other experimental methods creating an experience of unexpected and magical perspective shifts.

Sheila Ghidini’s site-specific work invites the viewer to contemplate images of absence and presence. Jeremiah Jenkins’ mixed media sculptures explore his own perspective on the relationship between human and nature. Victoria May uses fabric and stitching as the basis for her mixed-media sculpture and installation addressing tenderness and absurdity in the human condition. Maria Porges utilizes books as both sculptural material and subject matter. Her ongoing series BOOKTOOLS/TOYS & WEAPONS is both elegy to and celebration of their material origins. Lucy Puls explores the interior space of homes; mostly those that had been occupied for decades and have become vacant due to probate or foreclosure. Brooke Westfall presents Revised Inheritance examining the psychological and sociocultural effects of family dynamics.

In it’s second year, Kala’s Off-Site Exhibitions feature artworks from Berkeley-based artists and the Kala community. Working together in the vibrant downtown Berkeley Arts District, Berkeley Central Arts Passage and Kala Art Institute are forging new connections between artists and audience.

For further information contact Mayumi Hamanaka at Kala Art Institute: mayumi@kala.org.