Custom Printing

Kala Art Institute’s Custom Printing and Editioning Services fully support your printing project. We offer a full array of traditional and digital services along with one-on-one consultations. A team of Master Printers and Staff are dedicated to serving your artistic needs, and are on hand to guide you through the editioning process.


Aquatint, drypoint, etching, engraving and photogravure. A variety of intaglio presses from small to large are available for your project.

Letterpress and Relief Printing
With two Vandercook letterpresses, and options for handset type and photopolymer plates, a variety of projects are possible from broadsides to small books. For woodcut, wood engraving, linoleum cuts, and other forms of relief printing, a range of presses are available.

Traditional Stone Lithography
We offer a large selection of the best Solnhofen Stone. Our staff will print using one of two lithography presses, either a full automatic Takach Press or a manual drive Griffen Press. We also have the ability to do photographic lithography processes or print ball grained aluminium plates.

A variety of screen sizes along with a vacuum table for precise printing provide the artist  with the best possible tools. Working with stencils, photo processes, or a large range of techniques allows the artist a versatile approach for art making.

Digital Printing and Scanning
We offer the highest quality in digital printing, including digital photography, scanning, digitalizing old films and fine art printing. We offer prints on different materials, including a wide variety of papers, fabrics and artist canvas, using our state of the art equipment.

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Print Samples