Veterans Residency Program

Veterans Artist Residency Program
Kala Veterans Artist Residency Program provides Veteran artists with artist residencies with 24/7 access to Kala’s technical facilities, along with the opportunity to produce work in collaboration with Kala programs. Veteran artists producing innovative work in all mediums including printmaking, digital media, installation art, social practice, photography, and book arts are encouraged to apply.

Currently we have one Fellowship artist residency designated for a veteran artist. Applications are now open via slideroom for 2023-24 Fellowship residency which this year includes one veteran artist! Alumni of Kala’s Veterans Initiative in the Arts are welcome to apply.

Please note we have proposals pending to fund  a more extensive Veterans Artist Residency Program. Past programs are listed below.

Each Veteran Residency Award Includes:
Cash Award: $1,000
Studio Residency: Up to four months of studio residency at Kala Art Institute with 24/7 access to our communal studio spaces.
Kala Class: One class that will provide training in a chosen area of printmaking and/or digital media.
Community: Access to a community and network of approximately 75 artists working at Kala, participation in Kala events, and support of Kala staff.

2019-2020 Award Recipients:
Rodney Ewing
Dayton Grant
Rob Hill
Sara Stacy

2018-2019 Award Recipients:
Fanny Garcia
James Hardy
Michael Mokuau
David “DC” Spensley

Honorary AIR Awardees:
Phil Jones

2017-2018 Award Recipients
Adam Allegro
Roger Ourthiague Jr.
Gregory Rick
Ehren Tool

Honorary AIR Awardees:
Stephen Funk
Fanny Garcia