Print Public Residency Program

Print Public Residency Program

From its founding days, Kala was envisioned as a place where people gather to exchange creative ideas and share technology and tools. Expanding on this idea, Print Public takes this exchange from the Kala studios out to San Pablo Avenue. Specifically, Print Public provides an opportunity for artists to create temporary public art along the San Pablo Avenue corridor, meeting people where they are, on the street, at bus stops, markets, shops, and in the neighborhood, connecting artists and the community.

Through Print Public, Kala aims to provide a platform for artists to work on interdisciplinary projects with digital or print media while animating public space, reaching new communities, building local partnerships, and deepening neighborhood ties. Print Public is supported, in part, by California Arts Council’s Creative California Communities.

Print Public applications will reopen once funding is secured! Stay tuned! 

2018-2019 Print Public

Christy Chan
Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
Grace Rosario Perkins
Sergio De La Torre and Chris Treggiari
Lexa Walsh 

The first iteration of Print Public (2013-2015) launched with six artist/artist teams including Taro Hattori, Taraneh Hemami, Susan O’Malley, Sue Mark, Swell, and Imin Yeh, working along San Pablo Avenue to create a range of projects. To view the publication for the first iteration of Print Public and learn more about their projects, please look here.

2016-2017 Print Public
Drew Cameron – Rags Make Paper
Ramekon O’Arwisters – Crochet Jam
Mildred Howard – Home
Marksearch – Commons Archive
Kelly Ording and Jet Martinez – Ms. Tica
Jenifer K Wofford – Mettle Detection

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