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2004 Kala Board Prize Exhibition — Midori Harima : Transparent Story

Kala Art Institute is pleased to announce Midori Harima as the recipient of the 2004 Kala Board Prize.  Midori’s installation proposal was selected from a highly competitive pool of California artists by juror, Yuzo Nakano, Kala’s co-founder and Artistic Director. Her exhibition titled Transparent Story is a complex installation comprised of prints, sculpture, drawings and text. Emotionally charged, yet contemplative in nature, Transparent Story explores the mysterious gap between visual experience and language, illusion and existence. The exhibition is accompanied by a cash honorarium donated through the generosity of the Kala Board of Directors. Midori’s work has been seen in the Bay Area at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and New Langton Arts. Transparent Story presented at the Kala Gallery, is her first solo exhibition in the United States.

Transparent Story:

There is a plane of glass in the center of the gallery dividing the space into here and there.
It breathes.
You stand in front of the glass and view a scene that exists on the other side.
A scene constructed from copies.
It is transparent.
Behind you a screen projects rainfall.
The rainfall is reflected on the glass and meets the scene on the other side.
Two spaces divided by the glass meet on the glass.
You walk down the hallway.
The words that you are holding will meet visual image.
The two meet at a dividing line.

Midori Harima, 2004