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Between Here & Now

Kala Art Institute is excited to present  Between Here & Now, a new installation by Mary V. Marsh at Milvia/ Addison Windows located at 2100 Milvia Street, Berkeley.

“I have always loved reading and being transported to another place. I can be both here, in physical reality, and in the world of my mind. Deep engagement with what we read nourishes our capacity for critical thinking and empathy. While reading, our brain decodes words so quickly there is time to add our own thoughts in the space between. How we use our hands to hold books and devices activates our sense of touch creating new memories. Rubbings made with wax crayons over metal grates, plaques and sidewalks collect textures and patterns from the surrounding streets, evidence of here. Linoleum cuts of people reading printed on book pages misaligned, and hands holding books that have been cut out suggest journeys in the mind experienced now.”

Mary V. Marsh