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Cities of the Future By San Quentin Arts in Corrections

Kala Art Institute is excited to present Cities of the Future by San Quentin Arts in Corrections at Milvia/ Addison Windows located at 2100 Milvia Street, Berkeley.

Cities of the Future is a two-part collaborative artwork by San Quentin Arts in Corrections. For the first part of this project, inmate artists in the program worked together to design a miniature city inspired by real and imagined architecture. The second part of the project asked the artists to design a cityscape three hundred years in the future. From inside prison, the artists reimagined the world outside and combined research with memories and imagination to create a collective vision of what the future might look like. The final projects bring together various perspectives on the present and future into two detail rich dioramas.

Arts in Corrections is a California statewide prison arts program. The program at San Quentin is supported by the William James Association and the California Arts Council. Arts in Corrections is based on the belief that when institutionalized individuals participate in the arts, their self-esteem and outlook on the world is significantly affected. Art workshops teach self-discipline, problem solving, teamwork and concentration; the skills acquired through participation in the arts are translated to other aspects of one’s life. The Prison Arts Project, started in 1977, was the original model for Arts in Corrections, which helped lower recidivism rates and improve the quality of life for tens of thousands of incarcerated people, their families, and the larger community. Thank you to Warden Ron Davis and the administration at San Quentin State Prison for making this program possible.

Cities of the Future I:
Peter Bergne
Nicola Bucci
Khalifah Christensen
Dennis Crookes
Lumumba Edwards
Justus Evans
Bruce Fowler
Gary Harrell
Amy M. Ho
George King
Chris Marshall
Marco Ramirez
Kurt VonStaden
Noah Wright

Cities of the Future II:
Terrell Allen
Lamavis Comundoiwilla
Gary Harrell
Amy M. Ho
Jeff Isom
Omid Mokri
Bill Nelson
Marco Ramirez
Tony Singh
Noah Wright


Are you interested in showing at Milvia/Addison Windows? Call for entry now, deadline to apply March 27th, 2020

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