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Ewa Gavrielov

Kala Art Institute is proud to present new works by Ewa Gavrielov at Milvia/ Addison Window.

“My inspiration comes from my interest in giving new meaning to used objects and making the common and discarded, uncommon and precious. I am also interested in the taking apart and reconstructing the objects. I mostly work with materials such as paper, wire, and fiber, and use and mostly RE-use them in a way that is different than what they were intended for.

Since my basic training was in architecture; dimension and negative space is something I have borrowed from my design work and given expressive value in my art. I am fascinated by connections and relationships in knitted, folded or weaved forms and objects, especially the endless lines and loops, and the relationships between positive and negative space. I have always thought of my work as improvisation, a matter of responding to what I have just created with my materials.”

Experimenting with different materials inspires me to redefine their use and appearance, especially that of paper.

Ewa Gavrielov