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Flight Out of Time

The Kala Gallery is proud to present Flight Out of Time, an exhibition of contemporary prints by Barbara Foster, Jimin Lee and Japanese “Living Treasure” artist Tadayoshi Nakabayashi. The work of these master printmakers spans cultural and generational boundaries with visually compelling observations of the natural world, the passing of time and simple aspects of domestic life.

Barbara Foster’s new series, Upshot Shelters, draws on images of landscape and architecture to create parallel histories based on fear, security and memory. Foster masterfully meshes photographic imagery with translucent woodcuts in works that explore the ephemeral quality of unintended consequences and the events that defined them. Foster, head of San Francisco State University’s Art Department, received support and assistance for this project from the Department of Energy, the International Relay Station, the Ucross Foundation Artists Residency Foundation and the Kala Art Institute. Her work is widely exhibited and is also currently on view at the Berkeley Art Center.

Jimin Lee creates images of mundane articles of domestic utility to explore the complex experiences encountered within her everyday surroundings. As isolated objects removed from their environment, Lee’s melancholy images speak to our dependence on simple tools in today’s detached and time-thrifty society. Lee heads the Print Media program at University of California Santa Cruz where she is an Assistant Professor. Her work has been exhibited widely in Asia and the United Sates and she also studied printmaking with Tadayoshi Nakabayashi.

Master printmaker Tadayoshi Nakabayashi is an acknowledged “Living Treasure” of Japan. For nearly fifty years, the theme of “Nothing Can Escape Decomposition” has been the focus of his work. As a careful observer of the natural world, Nakabayashi explores decomposing elements that can be traced to childhood experiences in the snowy countryside during World War II. His darkly poetic monochromatic intaglio prints have made Nakabayashi one of the foremost modern masters of printmaking. His works have been exhibited internationally and he is widely acclaimed as a teacher.

Kala is proud to present this special print exhibition and honored to host a Gallery Talk with artists Tadayoshi Nakabayashi, Barbara Foster and Jimin Lee. Please join us for a Gallery Talk with the three artists on Saturday, February 24 at 2:00 pm. This event is free of charge and open to the public.

Exhibitions are free and open to the public.