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In Reel Time – Digital Storytelling

Kala Art Institute and Youth UpRising are excited to collaborate on a series of free youth workshops in 2021-2022.

Together we have launched a youth storytelling project aimed at creating a unique vision of the Bay Area and its residents living in Oakland, San Leandro, Alameda, Hayward, and Berkeley. Through group workshops and exhibitions, youth will work with professional artists to develop and share their personal and community stories, highlighting the grit and resilience it takes to live in the Bay Area, especially in some of the most under-served communities in California. Youth will create portfolios of their artwork to share on social media, exhibit at a community/gallery space, and launch a public art presentation to speak to those who are still there thriving.

Here are the student’s projects from the introduction workshop in Spring 2021.

Introduction to Digital Storytelling – Asset Mapping

In Reel Time: Intro to Digital Storytelling was a class that gave participants the opportunity to learn about ways to create and share digital content in a creative way. During our introductory course to digital storytelling, we utilized an asset mapping project as a way to link together the various concepts that we learned during the course. Participants were encouraged to use photos, sound, video, and other mediums to tell the story that they felt compelled to tell. The project was designed to be a means to an end, and participants were encouraged to focus on the process rather than the outcome. The activity was meant to create and alleviate tension around all the decisions that go into telling a story–medium, subject matter, voice, style, etc, and how to move a project forward from concept, to action, to completion. These are some of the stories that participants began to work through.

Vicky F.

Quincy C.

Jocelyn L.

Ari P.