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Kala Art Institute is excited to present Interiors by Emily Gui at Milvia/ Addison Windows located at 2100 Milvia Street, Berkeley.

Created for the unique space of the Milvia/Addison windows, Emily Gui’s Interiors blurs several modes of representation, melding printmaking, photography and installation. Continuing her exploration of intimate space and functional objects, in this new work, she uses fabric and patterns as a catalyst for memory, dreams, transformation and nostalgia.

“My work examines the depth of human experience in constructed space and focuses on the interaction of life and art. I’m interested in exploring how rooms and objects are built to be functional but often become full of emotions and memories. For these windows, I wanted to play with the fixed perspective that a plane of glass creates which also keeps the viewer at a set distance. My recent work considers society’s rapid adaptation to changing technology—specifically to our absorption of photography and images. Interiors encourages a shifted gaze and aims to interrupt the everyday by highlighting some of the little things that often go unconsidered. The act of remaking simple objects (but rendering them useless) encourages consideration at the brink of absurdity.”