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The Story Behind The Story

During the spring and summer of 2021, Youth Uprising and Kala held both Intro and Intermediate classes in Digital Storytelling where participants explored their creativity while linking their interests to the countless narratives that exist around them. During these workshops, we utilized multimedia tools as well as mixed media to encourage diversity in the ways that we tell stories. This show will display our journey as two cohorts, and their story behind the stories that they are developing. Workshops lead by artist David Lee, check out his photographs on his Instagram @d.xoti.

David Lee is an African-American, Oakland based photographer and writer. David has work in social and human services for over 10 years teaching young people art, life skills, and wellness practices. During that time, David has worked on photography projects that center around the culture and development of Oakland through portraiture and street photography. David is the co-founder of Negus in Nature which works to increase the representation of Black people in outdoor spaces and create access points to explore outdoor activities. He is an avid rock climber, backpacker, and alpinist. David’s current work centers around sanctuary and healing spaces in the midst of societal shift. Check out his photographs on his instagram @d.xoti.