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Freddy Chandra

Freddy Chandra works in a variety of media and processes ranging from wall-based sculptural drawings to installations involving elements of architecture, sculpture and video. Regardless of the media, his works are essentially abstract rhythmic compositions that evoke experiences taking place on the periphery of our consciousness. On view in Residency Projects I, his most recent work titled Three minutes from now presents a nine-channel video projection placed within an architectural setting. Three minutes from now frames and re-contextualized fleeting events to conjure a sense of wonder within ordinary moments. Quiet and meditative, the sensation for the viewer is similar to a daydream that connects the present, the past, and those moments yet to come. The experience simultaneously becomes an act of recognition, remembrance and anticipation driven by our desire to understand the present moment in familiar terms. Originally from Indonesia, Freddy Chandra holds a BA degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley and a MFA from Mills where he is currently teaching. His work has been exhibited in various venues in the Bay Area and will be featured in a project space exhibition this fall at The Headlands Center for the Arts.