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Genevieve Quick

Genevieve Quick presents various mixed-media works that reference NASA’s unmanned exploratory vehicles that were sent to Mars in the 1970s and again in 2003. Genevieve has meticulously reconstructed a replica of NASA’s equipment as a pristine white foam core sculpture, with movable components. The sculpture, titled T2 Lander, appears in a series of photographic stills and also in a stop-motion video animation. The animation references NASA’s use of desert locations as equipment test sites intended to simulate the harsh environment found on Mars. The project also includes Analogue Missions, a series of light box drawings that depict image-making devices, created through a reductive drawing process that employs blue graphite transfer paper. Genevieve recently received a CCI Investing In Artists Grant and will be presenting her work in a residency project at the de Young Museum later this year.