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James Voller

Whilst at Kala I wish to create works that examine the architectural history and identity of Berkeley.  I would like to see whether there are observable links to historical trends in Australian and New Zealand architecture. In particular, I will focus in on Californian bungalows, a suburban structure that exists in all three countries and were built during a similar period. This examination into shared architectural lineage will form the basis for my site-specific installations.

After photographing the architecture I will generate photographic installations in public spaces and at Kala, employing a range of methods including projection and paste-ups I will place images of bungalows back in to the community. These will allow the community at Kala and Berkeley to see their built environment in a different light.

James Voller
The current strategies and methods I am investigating in practice is shared territory between documentary photography and site-specific installation. I aim
to generate public and gallery installations that highlight the importance of art in local communities. My aim is to have a greater understanding around community engagement in documentary photography and site-specific practices. I hope to explore new territories and avenues in my own art practice by placing these two genres together.

My outcomes generate new readings about the architectural and historical changes. My installations,(at this point in time) are superimposed photographic images, that appear as visually integral parts of their surrounding environments.
They are often at odds with the transitory urban spaces I place them depicts, creating an eerie awareness of place and altering the context of the space being viewed.