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Jessica Sabogal & Shanna Strauss

Jessica Sabogal and Shanna Strauss works as a collaborative team. Jessica Sabogal is a Colombian-American muralistx from San Francisco whose large-scale artworks attempt to document and disrupt. Shanna Strauss is a Tanzanian-American mixed media artists whose work centers on honoring and celebrating the stories and experiences of women of color. In their newest body of work, This Woman’s Work, Jessica and Shanna together explore the female and non-binary body, making these subjects and their too often unnoticed and unseen labor visual and visible. These collaborative works made over the last year depict women of color – their voices, tenderness, and care-taking, their spaces, their existence – not as subjects, but as centers. In addition, Sabogal and Strauss have created pieces in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, laying bare their intimate and courageous vision of healing and community.