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Malcolm T. Smith

Malcolm Smith plays with meaning in his performances by refracting signification through leaps, slippages and the use of myth, belief and skepticism. For Residency Projects II, Malcolm will present a new live performance in the Kala Art Gallery on Tuesday July 15 at 8:30pm. “Humanimalstimulus” is a performance in which it is impossible to discern what is specifically human or animal. In this performance, “taking shape” seems to be the way in which both beings interrelate; both come into being as they take shape within a series of stimuli created in the performance through the use of masks and mirrors, signals and noise. Experimentation with video and sound provides an additional layer, a landscape in which human and animal are indistinguishable. The remains of the performance and the installation will be on view during regular gallery hours through Saturday, July 19th.

Prior to joining Kala as a Fellowship artist, Malcolm received his MFA in Visual Arts from Rutgers University. His work has been presented in numerous international video and performance festivals in addition to gallery exhibitions throughout the United States, South America and Europe. Malcolm received a prestigious Fulbright Award that included a 2005-2006 theater residency in Bogotá, Columbia.
For more info about Malcolm Smith, visit: www.templeofmessages.com/malcolm.html