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Packard Jennings

Activist artist and provocateur Packard Jennings is known for works that combine equal parts humor and cultural criticism. His witty and ironic works range from ad hoc installations and video animations to signage, pamphlets and prints that have been slyly placed in the public domain. Packard is represented in Residency Projects II by several works including his most recent video animation titled Which Way up? This non-linear animation features a series of colorful vignettes that explore ideas about the future, the afterlife, rebellion, Utopia and distopia. Packard created the animation from his hand drawn illustrations and assembled the drawings into an animation using the Flash program in Kala’s media center. Packard’s work has been recently presented in the Bay Area at Southern Exposure, Catharine Clark Gallery, the Oakland Art Gallery and the Di Rosa Preserve in addition to venues in Chicago and Geneva, Switzerland.