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Ranu Mukherjee

Ranu Mukherjee creates hybrid works in video animation and drawing to depict abstract forms of nomadic living that are both historical and contemporary. Included in the exhibition is a two-sided video projection. Projected on one side Indian Picture – from Ganga to Jupiter depicts a reel of audiotape from a 1957 recording of the planet Jupiter created by the artist’s scientist father as it floats down the Ganges River. On the opposite side European Picture – a neo-romantic delay: a field of particles refers to the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption as a cloud of ash covers a procession of luggage and people sleeping amidst a swirling particle storm. Also included is Everyday Futurism, a salon style presentation of screen-printed phrases overlaid on ink paintings that explore the tension between the public/private self. Ranu’s work has recently been presented internationally and in San Francisco at The Luggage Store, New Langton Arts, The Lab and Noma’s Gallery Videoh0le project space. Ranu teaches video arts at California College of the Arts.