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Richelle Gribble

For the duration of the Kala artist-in-residence program, I will create a large-scale mixed media panel as well as several complex prints that feature an array of networks (molecular structures, social networks, celestial systems, etc.) that are intertwined to create globe-like forms.  This concept relates to Frank White’s idea of the Overview Effect, which is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by astronauts when in spaceflight and viewing the world from above.  When seeing the Earth – and the networks that connect it – it becomes clearer how an individual can affect it.  The Overview Effect implies that by viewing our interconnectivity in a new way, we consider our impact on each other and our surroundings differently.  I want viewers to consider their own role within a “networked society” when viewing these works to inspire a sense of social responsibility and awareness.

Richelle Gribble creates mixed media paintings and collages, prints, interactive installations, videos, drawings, computer games and digital prints. Her artwork is inspired by concepts of virality, biology, networks, group dynamics, and social trends that connect us all.  She attended Idyllwild Arts Academy (IAA), an internationally-renown boarding art high school.  Richelle received a BFA with dual minors in Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Southern California (USC).  Her work has been presented in numerous exhibitions including three solo exhibitions at the Helen Lindhurst Gallery in Los Angeles, the International Print Center New York’s New Prints/Summer 2014 exhibition at IPCNY Gallery and inclusion at Christie’s in Rockefeller Center salesroom. After ranking as a top ten finalist out of 30,000 participants in the competition Art Takes Times Square, her artwork was displayed on a LED screen in Times Square.  She recently received several prestigious awards including the Kala Fellowship Award and the Discovery Scholar Prize, which provides funding for graduate school.  Additionally, she is a part-time teacher at Idyllwild Arts Academy.  Her artwork and research is presented in a TEDxTrousdale presentation “What is our Role within a Networked Society?” which examines the ways that connection mobilizes change within communities.